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sub 1

1. Nautical A submarine.
2. A submarine sandwich.

sub 2

 (sŭb) Informal
A substitute.
v. subbed, sub·bing, subs
To act as a substitute: a graduate student subbing for the professor.
1. To put or use (a person or thing) as a substitute: The coach subbed fresh players toward the end of the game. The cook subbed oil for butter.
2. Usage Problem To replace; substitute: The player was subbed after she committed two errors. Sub the chicken with tofu to make the dish vegetarian. See Usage Note at substitute.


pl n
money paid to be a subscribing member of a club, organization, etc
References in classic literature ?
I know more about this particular sub than the officer who commanded her.
We hear things like, 'Have you learned how to grow subs yet?
With the economy we've been able to secure enough to meet our needs," says Coffey, whose substitute pool is currently at about 1,600 for the 600 or 700 subs needed daily.
The subs around here are becoming pretty selective of where they want to go," Haas says.
Finding good subs is also more important today because teachers attend in-service sessions more frequently than in the past.
i])/i [member of] I} is ) semi open cover for X and has a finite (i, j) semi open sub cover.
i])/i [member of] I} is) semi open cover for Y and has a finite) semi open sub cover.
j] respectively, which implies U' and V' admits finite sub covers which in turn gives rise to the finite sub covers for U and V respectively.