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Noun1.subscription right - the right of a shareholder in a company to subscribe to shares of a new issue of common stock before it is offered to the public
preemption, pre-emption - the right to purchase something in advance of others
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The Board announces that applications have been received from shareholders in respect of exercise of the annual Subscription Right for 296,903 new Ordinary Shares.
The subscription right allows shareholders to maintain the same percentage of ownership they had before the new stock issuance within a certain expiry date for subscription.
Each subscription right will entitle the holder to purchase 0.
In the Rights Offering, shareholders of Telekom Austria holding existing shares of Telekom Austria as of 7 November 2014, 24:00 (midnight) Central European Time, will be granted one subscription right for each existing share and will be invited to exercise their subscription rights at a price of EUR 4.
Howard Bancorp Inc (OTCBB: HMBD) has said that it has launched its previously announced rights offering, under which stockholders will receive one non-transferable subscription right for every share of common stock owned as of February 27, 2012, the record date for the rights offering.
Shareholders will receive, at no charge, one subscription right for every two shares of common stock held of record at the record date.
Under the terms of the rights offering, the Company is planning to distribute to its stockholders, at no charge, one transferable subscription right for every 85.
The company will distribute subscription rights, consisting of a basic subscription right to purchase one Unit per common share held, and an over-subscription right to purchase additional Units.
Each whole subscription right will entitle a shareholder to purchase one share of Pacific Capital common stock at a subscription price equal to $0.
Details of the Subscription Price, the process to be followed and the deadline for applications are set out in the Subscription Right notice.
Each shareholder will obtain one subscription right for each ordinary share held.
In connection with the rights offering, Holdings anticipates that each holder of Holdings' common stock will receive one subscription right for each share of common stock held at the close of business on October 20, 2014, the record date for the rights offering.