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 (sŭb′sĭ-kwĕns′, -kwəns)
1. Something that is subsequent; a sequel.
2. The fact or quality of being subsequent.
3. (-sē′kwəns) Mathematics A sequence that is contained in another sequence.


1. the fact or state of being subsequent
2. a subsequent incident or occurrence
3. (Mathematics) maths a sequence derived from a given sequence by selecting certain of its terms and retaining their order. Thus, <a2, a3> is a subsequence of <a1, a2, a3>, while <a3, a2> is not


(ˈsʌb sɪ kwəns)

1. the state or fact of being subsequent.
2. a subsequent occurrence, event, etc.; sequel.
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Noun1.subsequence - something that follows something else
final result, outcome, resultant, termination, result - something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio"
2.subsequence - following in time
lateness - quality of coming late or later in time
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com)-- Specifically, this year's scenario of the exercise included an earthquake between Crete and Santorini, with subsequence the partial collapse of the internal walls of the hotel and a fire breakout in the main kitchen area.
Though Kuwait witnessed the strong stance that the international community had provided during the 1990 Iraqi invasion and subsequence liberation of Kuwait, the UN still faces a great challenge in brining upon a just solution to nearly 50 years of the Palestinian plight, said Ambassador Al-Otaibi.
Then, as (h, k) [right arrow] (0,0) independently of each other, a subsequence of ([m.
m, we expected the overall MAPQ to be a function of the uniqueness of the subsequence.
This means that a siRNA sequence can be represented by three base4 integers each for a 7-nt subsequence.
In this distinction he is inspired by or beholden to Frank Macchia's thesis about the "issue of subsequence," which Pentecostals use to give themselves a special identity that produces wonders rather than learning and virtue.
In Baptism in the Spirit: Luke-Acts and the Dunn Debate (Lutterworth), William Atkinson expands upon the Pentecostal doctrine of the subsequence of Spirit baptism.
A path followed by the former President Daniel Arab Moi and subsequence by his predecessor President Mwai Kibaki.
A non-metric measure is the longest common subsequence (LCSS) described in section 'Spatiotemporal trajectory'.
But the negative values of f form a decreasing sequence, since this is a subsequence of -exp(j).
1, Worcester, charged with driving with license revoked as habitual traffic offender, guilty, sentenced to 10 days in House of Correction; failing to signal, responsible, filed; driving with a suspended license, subsequence offense, guilty, sentenced to 10 days in House of Correction, concurrent, 10 days credit; speeding, responsible, filed; possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, guilty, sentenced to 45 days in House of Correction, 45 days credit.