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tr.v. sub·served, sub·serv·ing, sub·serves
To serve to promote (an end); be useful to.

[Latin subservīre : sub-, sub- + servīre, to serve; see serve.]


vb (tr)
1. to be helpful or useful to
2. obsolete to be subordinate to
[C17: from Latin subservīre to be subject to, from sub- + servīre to serve]



v.t. -served, -serv•ing.
to be useful or instrumental in promoting (a purpose, action, etc.).
[1610–20; < Latin subservīre=sub- sub- + servīre to serve]


Past participle: subserved
Gerund: subserving

I subserve
you subserve
he/she/it subserves
we subserve
you subserve
they subserve
I subserved
you subserved
he/she/it subserved
we subserved
you subserved
they subserved
Present Continuous
I am subserving
you are subserving
he/she/it is subserving
we are subserving
you are subserving
they are subserving
Present Perfect
I have subserved
you have subserved
he/she/it has subserved
we have subserved
you have subserved
they have subserved
Past Continuous
I was subserving
you were subserving
he/she/it was subserving
we were subserving
you were subserving
they were subserving
Past Perfect
I had subserved
you had subserved
he/she/it had subserved
we had subserved
you had subserved
they had subserved
I will subserve
you will subserve
he/she/it will subserve
we will subserve
you will subserve
they will subserve
Future Perfect
I will have subserved
you will have subserved
he/she/it will have subserved
we will have subserved
you will have subserved
they will have subserved
Future Continuous
I will be subserving
you will be subserving
he/she/it will be subserving
we will be subserving
you will be subserving
they will be subserving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been subserving
you have been subserving
he/she/it has been subserving
we have been subserving
you have been subserving
they have been subserving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been subserving
you will have been subserving
he/she/it will have been subserving
we will have been subserving
you will have been subserving
they will have been subserving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been subserving
you had been subserving
he/she/it had been subserving
we had been subserving
you had been subserving
they had been subserving
I would subserve
you would subserve
he/she/it would subserve
we would subserve
you would subserve
they would subserve
Past Conditional
I would have subserved
you would have subserved
he/she/it would have subserved
we would have subserved
you would have subserved
they would have subserved
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.subserve - be helpful or useful
aid, assist, help - give help or assistance; be of service; "Everyone helped out during the earthquake"; "Can you help me carry this table?"; "She never helps around the house"


[səbˈsɜːv] VTayudar, favorecer


vt (form)dienen (+dat), → dienlich or förderlich sein (+dat) (form)
References in classic literature ?
I grant that this Liberia may have subserved all sorts of purposes, by being played off, in the hands of our oppressors, against us.
The subjoined jeu d'esprit with the preceding heading in magnificent capitals, well interspersed with notes of admiration, was originally published, as matter of fact, in the "New York Sun," a daily newspaper, and therein fully subserved the purpose of creating indigestible aliment for the quidnuncs during the few hours intervening between a couple of the Charleston mails.
I cannot just do that until such time that we would have reached that level where the highest interest of the country and that is my Republic of the Philippines will be subserved," the president said.
In broad strokes, mindfulness builds the brain's executive control functions (impulse control, focus, judgment, self-regulation) subserved by the prefrontal cortex while quieting the fight-or-flight, fear-learning circuits seated in the amygdala.
movement) outputs are subserved by brain-grounded neuroimmune representations that are intimately linked;
Their determinants lie in the historical and current animal-environment interactions subserved by the animal's nervous system: "The snail is a vector resulting from distinct forces of the body, the nervous system, and the world.
delay discounting) overlap in the posterior dorsolateral prefrontal cortices, which would support concurrent change in working memory and future valuation but not change in behaviors subserved by brain regions/circuits with less overlap (Wesley and Bickel 2014).
Supranuclear control of vertical eye movements is subserved by diffuse cortical projections from the frontal and supplementary eye fields reaching the rostral interstitial nuclei of the medial longitudinal fasciculus (riMLF) and the interstitial nuclei of Cajal (inC) at the level of the midbrain pretectum (7).
But what is the long-term goal that can be subserved by improved sleep (and thereby improved mental effectiveness)?
It is generally agreed, however, that the anatomical representation of language is not this simple and that language involves a number of discrete and interacting cognitive processes that are subserved by a distributed network of additional brain regions.
81) Milton and Everitt emphasize that while such dissociable mechanisms increase understanding of the neural pathways of addiction in highly-controlled laboratory animals, real-life addiction therapies should attempt to target all three to be most effective against the complex psychological aspects of addiction subserved by each system.
In short, our understanding is systemically constrained biosemiotically, and through our biosemiotically subserved semiotic enculturation.