subsidiary ledger

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Noun1.subsidiary ledger - details of an account supporting the amount stated in the general ledger
account book, book of account, ledger, leger, book - a record in which commercial accounts are recorded; "they got a subpoena to examine our books"
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This and other operational lapses, the audit agency said, affected the faithful representation of the Credit Card Receivables amounting to P401.929 million as of December 31, 2018 which could not be ascertained due to the General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger balances aggregating P734.971 million.
They are enjoined to maintain a subsidiary ledger recording every service they rendered or performed.
Specific Audit Objectives Common Substantive Audit Procedures Accounts receivable reflected Test the reconciliation of the in the balance sheet exist, are aged subsidiary ledger of for valid transactions, and individual accounts to the include all authentic general ledger.
IRS also continued to make progress in developing cost accounting information to capture the full cost of its operating activities, and in establishing a framework for implementing a subsidiary ledger for its tax administration activities.
It is generally referred to as a job cost accounting system, which is a subsidiary ledger where costs are accumulated by each cost objective with the appropriate allowable indirect expenses allocation.
Commercial Accountant[R] is an option add-on package for Commercial Servicer that gives you subsidiary ledger capabilities that simplify cashflow, daily balancing and bank account reconciliation.
* Numerous errors in recording income, expenses and transfers were found in the general ledger and subsidiary ledger.
Before the audit begins, for instance, managers can prepare an accounts receivable detail schedule (or subsidiary ledger listing) that ties into the general ledger trial balance at the end of the audit year.
The technique is not as elaborate or bold as the deliberate recording of false receivables; rather, the method simply involves the recording of small amounts of credit balances in the A/R subsidiary ledger.
Your system should allow you to automatically generate invoices and update an accounts receivable subsidiary ledger.
COA said the subsidiary ledger of Pagcor showed that the fund has accumulated to P332.88 million as of the end of 2017, but only P75.79 million was utilized.