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intr.v. sub·sid·ed, sub·sid·ing, sub·sides
a. To become less intense, active, or severe; abate.
b. To become smaller or less prominent, as swelling. See Synonyms at decrease.
2. To move or sink to a lower or normal level: The earth subsided as the aquifer drained away.
3. To sink to the bottom, as a sediment.
4. To sit down slowly; settle down: "She looked swiftly around, and once she saw her husband, subsided primly onto the edge of a chair" (Jane Stevenson).

[Latin subsīdere : sub-, sub- + sīdere, to settle; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·si′dence (səb-sīd′ns, sŭb′sĭ-dns) n.
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Noun1.subsiding - a gradual sinking to a lower level
sinking - a descent as through liquid (especially through water); "they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic"
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Replying a query regarding pre-monsoon, she said now the westerly waves are bringing rains in the upper parts however, monsoon is due to easterly waves which would develop after subsiding these systems.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 consists of 53 BFA~s (15 tram gates and 38 with Subsiding piles), which are located in the inner city.
Researchers revealed that the city is subsiding on average of 2 mm per year.
We were not expecting to see signs of the symptoms subsiding immediately, but the fact is that there is stabilisation, which leaves us with the impression that the disease is under our control; however it does not exclude the possibility of complications arising.
In addition to cycles in hurricane activity and warming temperatures, the coastline marshes of the Mississippi Delta that once afforded the coast some protection have been subsiding for decades, mainly because water and oil have been pumped out of the ground.
But over the past l00 million years, the northern Gulf Coast region has been subsiding because of excessive sediment loading produced by the Mississippi and its ancestors.
But Watters believes the hacker threat is subsiding, and can be dealt with largely through traditional anti-virus products.