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intr.v. sub·sid·ed, sub·sid·ing, sub·sides
a. To become less intense, active, or severe; abate.
b. To become smaller or less prominent, as swelling. See Synonyms at decrease.
2. To move or sink to a lower or normal level: The earth subsided as the aquifer drained away.
3. To sink to the bottom, as a sediment.
4. To sit down slowly; settle down: "She looked swiftly around, and once she saw her husband, subsided primly onto the edge of a chair" (Jane Stevenson).

[Latin subsīdere : sub-, sub- + sīdere, to settle; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·si′dence (səb-sīd′ns, sŭb′sĭ-dns) n.
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Noun1.subsiding - a gradual sinking to a lower level
sinking - a descent as through liquid (especially through water); "they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic"
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According to the hourly advisory of the city disaster management office, the water level at the river began subsiding around 11 p.m.
Sanusi, who was conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Science, alongside the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, said the Federal Government must use part of the trillions of naira it spent on subsiding petroleum products to educate the youth of the country.
Some big cities are already subsiding - the ground beneath Shanghai, for instance, is being pressed down by the sheer weight of the buildings above - and rising sea levels resulting from global warming will make the effects worse.
Replying a query regarding pre-monsoon, she said now the westerly waves are bringing rains in the upper parts however, monsoon is due to easterly waves which would develop after subsiding these systems.
You can literally see the bank crumbling and subsiding. The A55, railway line and all trade/traffic/transport would be decimated if the bank did subside.
Lisbon, Sha'ban 29, 1433, Jul 19, 2012, SPA -- One of two major wildfires that have wreaked havoc in the south of the Portuguese Atlantic island of Madeira was subsiding Thursday, officials said, but the other remained active, dpa reported.