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Adj.1.subsidised - having partial financial support from public funds; "lived in subsidized public housing"
supported - sustained or maintained by aid (as distinct from physical support); "a club entirely supported by membership dues"; "well-supported allegations"
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Money did not become freer, though the casual reader of Daylight's newspapers, as well as of all the other owned and subsidised newspapers in the country, could only have concluded that the money tightness was over and that the panic was past history.
New Delhi: Oil firms cut the prices of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for both subsidised and non-subsidised cylinders.
The subsidised fertiliser is meant to cater for about 20-30 percent of smallscale farmers in the country,' the PS said.
This constitutes a clear violation of the provisions of Article 10 of Law No 5 of 2017, which regulates dealing in subsidised goods, the statement points out.
This is a clear violation of the provisions of Article 10 of Law No 5 of 2017, which regulates dealing in subsidised goods.
By NATION TEAMMaize flour prices are set for a sharp increase after it emerged that millers have exhausted subsidised stocks and farmers are hoarding their produce hoping to cash in on the expected shortage.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says new data shows that Pharmac is delivering more subsidised medicines, benefiting around 3.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Monday ordered state-run oil companies to raise subsidised cooking gas (LPG) prices by Rs.
ATTOCK -- District Food Controller Malik Mohammad Zaman has said that during Ramzan ul Mubarik supply of flour at subsidised rates has been ensured in Ramzan Sasta Bazars and at other shops in the market.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Planning and Development Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that the subsidised flour will be sold in green bags only at Ramazan bazaars and in the open market to give the real benefit of the subsidy to people in the holy month.
How can British steelmakers compete with heavily subsidised Chinese steel flooding the global market?
Among these is the idea that it is necessary to provide subsidised (soft) credit to un(der)- bankable microfinance clients.