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tr.v. sub·si·dized, sub·si·diz·ing, sub·si·diz·es
1. To assist or support with a subsidy.
2. To secure the assistance of by granting a subsidy.

sub′si·di·za′tion (-dĭ-zā′shən) n.
sub′si·diz′er n.
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Noun1.subsidizer - someone who assists or supports by giving a subsidy
bestower, conferrer, donor, giver, presenter - person who makes a gift of property
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Ezra Klein of the Washington Post wrote: 'Advertising is the great subsidizer of the press, entertainment, and online services.
Moreover, we find interactive dynamics between uses of political satire and news media, consistent with the former's role as an information subsidizer. The results illuminate the nature of public responses to the net neutrality debate while generating broader insights about how different forms of media use can explain public opinion about complex policy issues, both separately and in conjunction with one another.
The New Deal, according to Abrams, actually set the precedent for subsequent decentralized federal public housing programs with the 1937 Wagner-Steagall Act, which established a program "with the federal government now posited as the financier and subsidizer and the local housing authorities as the acquirers of land and the actual builders and managers." (25)
(207.) See supra Part IV.A.I.B and accompanying text (presenting United States as worldwide drug subsidizer).
According to IMF (2013), the PRC is the second largest subsidizer of energy providing nearly US$279 billion in energy subsidies in 2011 accounting for 15% of world energy subsidies.
For over 80 years it received financial and material support from the Portuguese and Spanish treasuries and the </Estado da India/, and in its later and most decisive stages from the Ethiopian state, which became a major subsidizer of the project.
Add to this list the state's crucial role as a consumer, creditor and subsidizer of last resort for merchants, small-scale business and peasants.
Government -- subsidizer of Solyndra, operator of the ethanol program, creator of -- uses minimum wage laws to set the price for the labor of workers who are apt to add only small value to the economy.
The federal government is a major subsidizer of the agriculture industry, including its crop insurance, subsidies and Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program, which provides a minimal level of assistance to uninsured farmers should a national disaster seriously affect product output.
Libya's subsidizer, the Price Stability Fund - which buys wheat flour, tomato paste, sugar and rice - says it has not issued any international sugar tenders in 2012, but had been buying from Libyan companies following last year's war.
During the three decades of Mubarak's rule, Egypt became the world top wheat importer and subsidizer of bread that is estimated to cost some $ 2 billion annually.