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The part of a microscope located below the stage on which attachments are held in place.


(General Engineering) the part of a microscope below the stage, usually consisting of an adjustable assembly holding a condenser lens for illuminating the specimen



the component part of a microscope below the stage, for supporting a condenser, mirror, etc.
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Moreover, Asaka also appeared at the substage of the 'Animelo Summer Live' in 2017 and at the main stage in 2018.
The same formula was used for calculating the lipid index of each identified oocyte substage. In this case, SAC is the total coverage area of oocytes and AT is the total oocyte area, both expressed in [micro][m.sup.2].
At time 1 (month 1), a higher percentage of individuals were in Stage II and mature individuals in substage IIIA could also be identified.
In this substage, the strain of the frozen soil remains almost constant.
For PAni-ZRP, the first decreasing stage (0-Day 3) was combined by two repeat pattern substages. The first substage is from the beginning to 4 h, when the impedance dropped dramatically at all frequencies, related to activation of zinc particles.
In the existing literature, effects of NS on the cement hydration rate at early ages (e.g., initial 72 hours), as a whole, were repeatedly investigated, while those effects could be a result of diverse, even contradictory, behavior of NS in each substage of the early age hydration shown in Figure 1.
Figure 3 illustrates the computation time of each substage and the overall process.
[Area.sub.Stim] is defined as the area under the waveforms for each five-minute recording at each substage after baseline.
In its seventh edition of the TNM Staging System published in 2010, the American Joint Committee on Cancer started incorporating mitotic rate to substage T1 melanomas, according to Dr.