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The part of a microscope located below the stage on which attachments are held in place.


(General Engineering) the part of a microscope below the stage, usually consisting of an adjustable assembly holding a condenser lens for illuminating the specimen



the component part of a microscope below the stage, for supporting a condenser, mirror, etc.
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immature, developing, and developed), and each stage was subdivided into two substages, resulting in a total of six substages (females > substage III were considered as mature).
Regarding the evaluation of the pachytene substage experiments, fifty nuclei were analyzed for each experimental condition at D7 and D14.
14]C Substage Divisions BP yrs BP Events Late Pleistocene (Late Wisconsinan) Early Woodfordian 13.
In its seventh edition of the TNM Staging System published in 2010, the American Joint Committee on Cancer started incorporating mitotic rate to substage T1 melanomas, according to Dr.
Symposium participants were graciously led by the technical director of Het Toneelhuis, Freek Boey, through the backstage, substage, fly loft, and auditorium so participants could see firsthand the beautiful 1993 front-of-house renovations as well as the state of the wooden machinery (see photos at left).
The tallgrass black soil prairie of the Grand Prairie Section of the Illinois Grand Prairie Natural Division was covered by the Woodfordian substage of the Wisconsin Episode of Pleistocene glaciation (Schwegman 1973).
2000): Pueblo, Colorado, USA, candidate Global Boundary Stratotype Section and Point for the base of the Turonian Stage of the Cretaceous, and for the base of the Middle Turonian Substage, with revision of the Inoceramidae (Bivalvia).
In order to reduce the storage space and packet processing overhead, packets are sampled and only sampled packets are inspected at this substage.
Structurally, this substage corresponds with part 3 of the novel.
X-radiographs were photographed with a Leica Z16 APO dissecting microscope with substage illumination and a Leica DFC420 digital camera (Leica Microsystems, Wetzlar, Germany).
Stage II has an additional substage (IIC) for tumours with extracutaneous invasion (T4) and negative node status regardless of whether the negative node status was established microscopically or clinically.
On the MCP model, such a person has not descended to an immoral substage level because the intent was to achieve a perceived-to-be good goal.