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"If the fuel in the Gulf region is affected, the prices will rise substantively," he said during a meeting with a group of youth last night.
said the final rule differed so substantively from the proposed rule that stakeholders were not given the opportunity to comment on the rule's definition of "adjacent waters." Also, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) violated the APA by releasing the technical basis for the proposed rule after the public notice and comment period had closed.
It will be too time consuming, I think, to dispose of each one, especially if they raise substantively the same issues,' he said.
That split satisfies the Speaker's ruling that the vote had to be substantively different from the two previous occasions on which the House of Commons voted on it.
Where (1) a defendant pleaded guilty to one count of cyberstalking and (2) his supervised release was revoked because he violated some of his conditions, a variant sentence following revocation is procedurally and substantively reasonable, and there is no merit to the defendant's challenge to the court's imposition of a supervised release term in addition to the statutory maximum term of imprisonment upon revocation.
The State Security Service (SSS) has summoned the senior official who substantively heads the Independent National Electoral Commission's operations and logistics, Okechukwu Ibeanu, PREMIUM TIMES has learnt
The setback to the UAE has come at a time when the country is under increasing and justified criticism for not substantively delivering on agreements it had entered into with the Republic of Somalil on the development of the key Red Sea port of Berbera, and the construction of a road linking the port to the Somalia-Ethiopia border town of Wajale.
Ambassador of Pakistan to Oman H E Ali Javed, recalling the visits by the chiefs of the three armed forces to Oman during March-September 2018, followed with visit of the chairman of Senate of Pakistan coinciding with the National Day of Oman (Nov 18-22), termed the forthcoming visit by the foreign minister, a 'perfectly timed outreach to substantively advance historic relations with brotherly state of Oman'.
The Minster said ' When we would be able to create awareness-change societal mindset then we can move forward substantively'.
He also argues that the sentence is substantively unreasonable.
"To date, Veritone has not engaged substantively with Apis Capital regarding the proposed transaction and has not granted to Apis Capital the right to review confidential due diligence materials.