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 (sŭb′stĭ-to͞ot′, -tyo͞ot′)
1. One that takes the place of another: finding substitutes for coal; came in as a substitute at the end of the game.
2. Grammar A word or construction used in place of another word, phrase, or clause.
v. sub·sti·tut·ed, sub·sti·tut·ing, sub·sti·tutes
1. To put or use (a person or thing) in place of another: substituted plastic for steel to reduce the weight.
2. Usage Problem To replace: substituted the worn-out couch with a new one; original artworks that were substituted by fakes.
To take the place of another: "Only art can substitute for nature" (Leonard Bernstein).

[Middle English, from Old French substitut, from Latin substitūtus, past participle of substituere, to substitute : sub-, in place of; see sub- + statuere, to cause to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

sub′sti·tut′a·bil′it·y n.
sub′sti·tut′a·ble adj.
sub′sti·tu′tive (-to͞o′tĭv, -tyo͞o′-) adj.
Usage Note: When you describe an action in which you remove one item and put a different item in its place, it's important to clearly identify which item is taking the place of the other. The verbs usually used for this kind of action are replace and substitute, which have converse meanings: if you take away an old thing and put a new thing in its place, you are replacing the old thing with the new thing, or substituting the new thing for the old thing. In the passive voice, old is replaced with new, or new is substituted for old. Sometimes, however, people switch the placement of old and new when using the verb substitute, especially in the passive voice. For example, in a low-calorie recipe that uses applesauce (the new thing) instead of butter (the old thing), the two standard constructions are Butter is replaced with applesauce or Applesauce is substituted for butter. But people sometimes say Butter is substituted by [or with] applesauce. This use of substitute is widely criticized, and most of the Usage Panel dislikes it: in our 2013 survey, 80 percent disapproved of this sentence with the preposition by, and 67 percent disapproved of it with with. In sports, however, one often encounters the less standard use of substitute, where the old player is substituted for the new one rather than vice versa. The Usage Panel is more accepting of such usage in this context; in 2013, just over half the Panel (56 percent) disapproved of the sentence The goalie allowed three goals in the first 12 minutes and was substituted before the end of the period. Unless you are discussing sports, adhering to the traditional constructions will make your writing clearer: replace the old with the new; substitute the new for the old.


1. acting or able to act as a substitute
2. of or involving substitution
ˈsubstiˌtutively adv


(ˈsʌb stɪˌtu tɪv, -ˌtyu-)

1. serving as a substitute.
2. involving substitution.
sub′sti•tu`tive•ly, adv.
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He discusses the problematic centrality of the image, origins and concepts, inherent theory, schematic image acts: animation of the image, substitutive image acts: the exchange of body and image, intrinsic image acts: image as form, the nature of the image act, and the eye in flight.
Establishment of Industrial Parks in the country will help to expand the export potential, create import substitutive goods and increase employment, Deputy Economy Minister Niyazi Safarov told Azernews.
Nilza, an interlocutor belonging to the urban popular classes, with a history of psychiatric hospitalizations and treatments in the substitutive services, reporting her experience of illness, showed how these two domains (public and private) appeared simultaneously in her life.
Against what Sherman considers this "triumph of an instrumental totalization as a political structure" (85), Owen and Woolf variously interrupted the synecdoche's premise of smooth scalability, overwrote the trope through the substitutive movements of metaphor, and narratively reengineered it to the ends of mortal obligation.
Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that implementation of innovative technologies, increase of production of import substitutive and export oriented goods using local material resources are necessary conditions of dynamic development of industrial complex of the country.
It is defined by the inability of the kidneys to maintain the normality of the internal environment, thus, depending on one of the modalities of substitutive therapy (Medeiros & Sa, 2011).
However, by considering that supplementation increased DM and OM intakes (Table 2), but did not affect forage intake (Table 2), it can be understood that supplementation with starch and nitrogenous compounds, in general, did not cause any substitutive effect on forage intake.
In consequence, image rewards can have substitutive, rather than additive effects, which is exactly what we find.
Truncation may be a subtype of additive and substitutive adaptation; in the available data, truncation appears to always follow the addition or replacement of a derivational affix.
We await implementation of that new substitutive Regulation in due course but, in the meantime, Gulf carriers should be aware of the new developments.
Considering the decrease in the number of registered doctors, notably in case municipalities during the implementation of the PMM in Rio Grande do Sul (2013 to 2014), the hypotheses of underreporting in the CNES and/or the predominance of substitution of medical professionals by new doctors during the first cycles is plausible; that is, the data supports the hypothesis that, during the first cycles, the PMM was characterized as being of a substitutive nature, at least in the municipalities included in the sample.