A foundation; a substructure.

[Latin substrūctiō, substrūctiōn-, from substrūctus, past participle of substruere, to build beneath : sub-, sub- + struere, to build, pile up; see ster- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·struc′tion·al adj.
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(Building) the act or process of substructing
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Such massive arches, such ponderous substructions as support these towering broad- winged edifices, we have seldom seen before; and surely the great blocks of stone of which these edifices are built can never decay; walls that are as thick as an ordinary American doorway is high cannot crumble.
Tanisal arastirmalar (Bilgisayarli Tomograi (BT) Anjiyografi, Manyetik Rezonans (MR) Anjiyografi, Dijital Substruction Anjiografi (DSA), biyokimyasal testler), hastanede yatis sureleri, dren varligi, olgulara uygulanan tedaviler incelendi.
On the study of genetic way of humanity society and study of circumstance of commutation and changing speed on each of than we should consider cultural Substruction Among believes faiths and social tradition of that society as the main factor and motive of set of changing which has been noteworthly because without any cognition of the impact of mental main factors it would be impossible to define or explain objective factors of alteration development or its inaction and ineritia on past or now in a society.
The 100-meter long Nysa Bridge, a tunnel-like substruction, was the second largest of its kind in antiquity.
To operate constructs in the LRE-EWD model, theoretical substruction is applied to ensure the congruence between theoretical and operational systems in model testing.
Complicated research terms such as regression, theoretical substruction, triangulation, and multi-casuality are common subjects during casual conversations among experienced researchers, but for novice researchers, they can be intimidating.
Beginning researchers, including nursing students, will find it useful as a model and will find the use of elements of substruction compelling fur seeing connections between theory and methodology.
Un riche sommaire [beaucoup moins que] Le long de la rue Bab Azzoun-Bab el Oued, une des plus importantes voies de la Basse-Casbah, les decouvertes antiques furent nombreuses avec la mise au jour de plusieurs troncons d'une voie, de portions de murs et de substructions [beaucoup plus grand que], note-t-elle.
Minez ces substructions, quand l'obscurite en offense la perspective, non--alignez-y des lampions pour voir: il s'agit que vos pensees exigent le sol un simulacre.
We think one was too quick to declare these substructions to be remains of Chauvin's house.