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tr.v. sub·sumed, sub·sum·ing, sub·sumes
1. To classify or include in a more comprehensive category or under a general principle: "When late eighteenth-century Americans spoke of politics, they referred to a broad set of principles that they subsumed under the heading of republicanism" (Eric Foner).
2. To absorb (something) into or cause (something) to be overshadowed by something else: "The moment's regret was subsumed in the needs of the next moment" (Diana Gabaldon).

[Medieval Latin subsūmere : Latin sub-, sub- + Latin sūmere, to take; see em- in Indo-European roots.]

sub·sum′a·ble adj.
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Images are not subsumable to language because the two are fundamentally distinct.
The determination of the conceptual reasons why the "sense" of music is not synthesizable by language and not subsumable to concepts can and should be derived neither from an empirical fact (that a linguistic translation of music is not music) nor from the assumption of a third position (such as the formalist one).
Strangely enough, as Gregg has shown, new technologies make women's work easily subsumable under the new regimes of digital constant contact.
11) While each of the three artists deploys Neobaroque idioms to derail modern schemes of meaning production and to initiate alternative aesthetic modalities, we have identified a cultural politics that crosscuts and exceeds vocabularies subsumable under the heading of the Neobaroque.
Their construct appears subsumable under the Eurasian supremacy stress disorder construct.
Contextually subsumable to the secularization debate, one "as old as sociology itself" (1), within the narrower and updated secularism vs.
Pointedly refusing Edward Kienholz's insistence that Oldenburg's Store installation and performances deserved an entire chapter, Henri presented Oldenburg and, indeed, the entirety of postwar artistic performance as subsumable to the perspective of Allan Kaprow, whom he describes as "the central figure in the rise of the happening, and the main authority on the way in which it evolved out of the environment.
15) Nonetheless, it is interesting that most of the measures adopted post 9/11 seem to be subsumable under a broad category prescribed by the Council.
I want to note that although the administrative branch of the Indian Residential Schools TRC is now part of the federal Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, thereby structurally problematizing the supposedly "independent" nature of truth and reconciliation commissions, I do not consider the TRC entirely subsumable within the hegemonic apparatus of state reconciliation the way that the government's official apologies are.
In her groundbreaking work on the Yoruba press and reading publics in 1920s Lagos, Karin Barber shows how the linguistically and generically diverse Yoruba-English newspapers convened 'a compound public, no layer of which was reducible or subsumable to the others'.
114) Legal pluralism, on the other hand, depicts a world "in which law and legal institutions are not all subsumable within one 'system' but have their sources in the self-regulatory activities of all the multifarious social fields present.
amp; CRIMINOLOGY 653, 655 (1990) (positing that "the primary concepts and valid postulates of deterrence and rational choice [theories] are subsumable under general social learning or behavioral principles").