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So that this revolutionary claim is clear, the "mesodiencephalon" and the "mesodiencephalic structures" the authors are talking about involve that midregion of the forebrain which include the brain stem, the thalamus, and surrounding related structures such as the hypothalamus, the epithalamus, and the subthalamus.
These perforating arteries are of utmost importance and irrigate the posterior part of the thalamus, medial ventral thalami, the walls of the third ventricle, hypothalamus, and subthalamic-mesencephalic junctions (subthalamus, substantia nigra, red nucleus, oculomotor nucleus, trochlear nucleus, reticular formation of the midbrain, pretectum, rhomboid fossa, and the posterior part of the internal capsule) [7-17].
Hypothalamus beneath the Thalamus acts like moon, It is associated with emotion and physiological responses to emotions, Amygdala is Mars that controls the movement, Subthalamus is Mercury, Globus Pallidus is Jupiter, Substancia Nigra is Venus, Putamen is Saturn, Nucleus Caudatus Head is Ascending Lunar Node, it controls the eye movement and Nucleus Caudatus Tail Descending Lunar Node controls the function of Central Nervous System.