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Below the dosage levels used to treat diseases: subtherapeutic feeding of penicillin to livestock.

sub′ther·a·peu′ti·cal·ly adv.


involving or relating to drug dosages administered at too low a level to produce a therapeutic effect(of a drug dosage) below the level necessary to treat disease, not powerful enough to have a therapeutic effect
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To study the interaction of liraglutide and teneligliptin on inflammation with subtherapeutic equivalent anti-inflammatory dose of ibuprofen.
Certain classes of antimicrobials may likewise be affected by ECMO, potentially leading to subtherapeutic drug concentrations if usual dosing regimens are used.
24) A 1970 FDA task force warned subtherapeutic use of antibiotics could become "a reservoir of antibiotic resistant pathogens" that "can produce human infections.
In some cases, ingredient mixing is inefficient, with doses ranging from subtherapeutic to directly toxic.
When informed that her lithium and divalproex levels are subtherapeutic, Ms.
6] Similarly, the most commonly tested was Charles and Linda (1990), according to them DRPs were categories into eight segments such as untreated indication, improper drug selection, subtherapeutic dose, failure to receive drugs, over dosage, ADR, drug interaction, and drug use without indication.
Fruge and Lee also noted it is critical for the aPTT to be therapeutic within 24 hours; the longer the level is subtherapeutic, the higher the risk for thrombosis.
Although nearly 20,000 of the study participants were taking warfarin before their stroke, 64% of them were taking subtherapeutic doses, said Ymg Xian, MD, of the department of neurology at the Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, N.
Antibiotic resistance of fecal coliforms after long-term withdrawal of therapeutic and subtherapeutic antibiotic use in a swine herd.
There is certainly the possibility that extended periods of drug availability at perhaps subtherapeutic concentrations might increase the risk of ART resistance in individuals who seroconvert after exposure to long-acting PrEP," cautioned Dr.
Intensive animal husbandry employs subtherapeutic doses of antibiotics to promote livestock growth.
The owner also suspected bacterial infection and began a course of oral amoxicillin at subtherapeutic doses.