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Below the dosage levels used to treat diseases: subtherapeutic feeding of penicillin to livestock.

sub′ther·a·peu′ti·cal·ly adv.
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involving or relating to drug dosages administered at too low a level to produce a therapeutic effect(of a drug dosage) below the level necessary to treat disease, not powerful enough to have a therapeutic effect
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One in three patients with 10 days flucloxacillin and almost two in three patients initiating long-term treatment, was exposed to a subsequent subtherapeutic anticoagulant effect [4].
At subtherapeutic concentrations, GS-6207 selected for L56I, Q67H, N74D/S or T107N mutations in HIV capsid.
Invasive Aspergillus infection requiring lobectomy in a CYP2C19 rapid metabolizer with subtherapeutic voriconazole concentrations.
If a woman taking estrogen therapy is not receiving adequate cotreatment with progesterone because of either omission or a subtherapeutic product, she increases her risk for endometrial cancer.
Long-term and subtherapeutic antifungal treatment might facilitate selection of resistance (ll).
"With the subtherapeutic treatment group, this could represent a 'basement effect' where it is harder to decrease diversity when it is already low to start.
(San Diego, Calif.), announced that a human stem cell-derived product candidate has been implanted in type 1 diabetes patients at a subtherapeutic dose.
Medicine company ViaCyte Inc revealed on Monday that it has been implanted human stem cell-derived product candidate (PEC-Direct) in type 1 diabetes patients at a subtherapeutic dose at UZ Brussel, the University Hospital of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), under collaboration with The Center for Beta Cell Therapy in Diabetes.
Difficulties associated with warfarin use include frequent drug interactions, drug-food interactions, and life-threatening complications due to subtherapeutic or excessively elevated international normalised ratios.
The trough concentrations could be classified into four types: <10 [micro]g/ml (subtherapeutic scale), 10-14 [micro]g/ml (therapeutic scale for low-dose vancomycin), 15-20 [micro]g/ml (therapeutic scale for high-dose vancomycin), and more than 20 [micro]g/ml (over-therapeutic scale).[1],[7],[21] Among our pediatric patients, most (70%) of their vancomycin trough concentrations were <10 [micro]g/ml (subtherapeutic scale) both in high-dose (64%) and low-dose (72%) groups.
Subtherapeutic oral doses of tetracyclines such as doxycycline 40 mg modified release "look very powerful for treating rosacea and do not affect the normal microbiome or select for resistance," he said.
S likely experienced a drug-drug interaction that resulted in a subtherapeutic VPA level and subsequent seizure.