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n, pl -uries
(Banking & Finance) (formerly)US a branch of the Treasury
subˈtreasurer n
subˈtreasurership n
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(sʌbˈtrɛʒ ə ri, ˈsʌbˌtrɛʒ-)

n., pl. -ur•ies.
a subordinate or branch treasury.
[1830–40, Amer.]
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Noun1.subtreasury - a subordinate treasury or place of deposit
exchequer, treasury - the funds of a government or institution or individual
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homesteading, cooperation, and the subtreasury), and of labor, see ALEX
While white North Carolinians became more accustomed to bankruptcy and high levels of debt, enduring tensions over debt helped shape North Carolina's Populist movement and its subtreasury plan.
(1839) "Many Free Countries Have Lost Their Liberty." Speech to the Subtreasury, Springfield, Ill.
On the other side of the ledger redemption was less cumbersome than direct redemption since the Notes could be "redeemed" in the normal course of tariff collection and did not have to be transported to a subtreasury.
Subtreasury at Wall and Broad streets across the street from J.P.
subtreasury building on behalf of the federal government).
Lincoln's 1839 Subtreasury speech was a Whig Party reply to the Jacksonian Democrat Douglas.) Of these the joint debates were only a part.