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Subtropical regions.
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pl n
(Physical Geography) the region lying between the tropics and temperate lands
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(sʌbˈtrɒp ɪks)
subtropical regions.
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Noun1.subtropics - regions adjacent to the tropics
climatic zone - any of the geographical zones loosely divided according to prevailing climate and latitude
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plSubtropen pl
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Diagnosis by histopathologic examination and culture may be difficult, and identifying laboratories in different regions of the subtropics and tropics with an interest in diagnosis of sporotrichoid lesions and the capability to perform culture and PCR would facilitate the diagnosis and awareness of this disease.
Malaria can be contracted by those who live in or visit around 100 countries across the tropics and subtropics, with about 40 per cent of the world's population at risk.
Pals Yanis Pikieris (now co-founding artistic director and choreographer of local Maximum Dance Company) and his wife, who were then dancing with MCB, first lured Lopez and Gamero from Germany to the little upstart troupe in the subtropics. Asked to join it, Gamero admits, "I didn't have a very clear notion who Villella was." Soon he came to appreciate how this Balanchine disciple communicated "musical sense and theatrical intent." As Gamero concentrates on his real estate business, he hopes to stay connected to MCB, perhaps by teaching.
In addition to El Nino-fueled epidemics of dengue that may occur in regions of the world already infested with Aedes aegypti, another fear is that climate events like El Nino may help the spread of the mosquito from the tropics and subtropics to more temperate regions of the world.
It is a major contributor to the deep water of the Atlantic, and changes of conditions in its formation area can be read several years later at mid-depths in the subtropics. Mapping these changes through time is helping us to understand the causes of significant warming and cooling patterns we have observed at these depths in the North Atlantic and links the subtropical deep signals back to the subpolar sea surface conditions.
All its relatives-which include cherimoya, soursop, custard apple, and ilana-grow in the tropics or subtropics. Several forms of pawpaw are recognized in the eastern and southern United States.
In the subtropics, blankets of these low clouds are common over the ocean west of continents, but "what is unusual in this case is that the cloud erosion occurs rapidly along an organized line hundreds of miles long, like a sun shade being pulled away," explains coauthor Sandra Yuter of North Carolina State University.
The night-blooming cereus is native to the deserts and subtropics of the Southwest United States, the Antilles and Central and South America.
Experts at the British Arachnological Society say they like the warm conditions created by our central heating because the species is originally from the subtropics.
Since the solar radiation intensity is much higher in the subtropics, the movement of low-lying clouds away from this region means less radiation would be reflected back into space.
Dengue affects between 50 and 100 million people in the tropics and subtropics each year, causing fever, muscle and joint ache as well as potentially fatal dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome.