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Adj.1.suburbanised - surrounded by many suburbs; "a highly suburbanized city"
decentralised, decentralized - withdrawn from a center or place of concentration; especially having power or function dispersed from a central to local authorities; "a decentralized school administration"
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Likewise, hedges are all too frequently ripped out in the name of efficiency, and nature is generally tidied up, gentrified and suburbanised, even in country villages.
These environmental problems are compounded in suburbanised, car-centric development models like ours.
Today Ryton is part of a more suburbanised Tyneside.
This study is the only kind of study performed on the suburban population of type 2 diabetes population and it will be helpful to document the baseline levels of dyslipidaemia prevalent among the type 2 DM patients residing in the suburbanised areas of Goa.
Even where promises are kept, the result is a suburbanised landscape, homogenous in its lifelessness, an industrial estate waiting for the sheds to go up.