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Noun1.subway fare - the fare charged for riding a subway train
train fare - the fare charged for traveling by train
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The seminars were sponsored by a large social services agency in the city; they were free and the parents were even given subway fare to attend--at the end of every meeting the moderator would pass around a sign-up sheet and distribute subway tokens.
One consequence was that the subway fare didn't change for decades, never mind that the cost of everything else rose.
It wasn't comfortable or easy flying 8,000 miles alone for the first time, or living on $5 a week for groceries, or having to walk 60 blocks back and forth to save on subway fare. There was nothing remotely familiar about approaching foreign dignitaries from Malta, Qatar and Malaysia to request interviews, or nervously cold-calling Chipotle and Shake Shack and David's Tea to ask for pledges, or keeping company with diplomats and doctors from Spain, Thailand and St.
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In Study 1, a scenario involving a subway fare policy was actually an experimental test of the causal effects of the independent variables: trust in authority, procedural justice, and outcome favorability.
In the case of the private management owners, subway historians--just about all of whom support government ownership and operation of the subways--say the private management owners, in their initial agreement with the city, agreed to the nickel subway fare for decades.
STOWAWAY ALL BUT DIED: A stowaway passenger all but died while he was jumping over a turnstile in order not to pay subway fare in Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.
Six months into his career, he was walking to work to save the 60 cent subway fare, and he seriously considered leaving real estate to take a job offer in investment banking.
The subway fare has not been changed and is 100 AMD.
A sampling of topics: optimum income taxation, the economics of carrots and sticks, averaging of income for income tax purposes, revising New York's subway fare structure, unemployment and a theory of social custom, labor contracts, wage and price inertia in the a model of the business cycle, oligopolistic pricing, the informational structure of markets, incentives and risk sharing in sharecropping, and credit rationing.
"These tags, which can be linked to monetary funds, can be waved over special registers and used to pay for anything from food to subway fare, with the funds automatically deducted from the chip's balance," Dood notes.