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 (so͞o-kä′, so͝ok′ə)
n. Judaism
Variant of sukkah.


(suˈkɑ; ˈsukɔ; ˈsukə)
(Judaism) Judaism a variant spelling of sukkah


(suˈkɑ, ˈsʊk ə)

n., pl. suc•coth, suc•cot (suˈkɔt) Eng. suc•cahs.
Hebrew. sukkah.
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Syndicat (electing a succah at a particular time of the year); Multani v Commission scolaire Marguerite-Bourgeoys, 2006 SCC 6, [2006] 1 SCR 256 (wearing a kirpan); and Hutterian Brethren (not having one's photograph taken).
No shofar, no fasting, no succah, lulaf or esrog, no mazoh, maror or cheroses--but flowers, lovely flowers, sweet flowers.
Amselem, (110) in which the SCC granted the section 2(a) claim of a condominium resident who wished to erect a succah on his balcony contrary to the terms of his residency agreement, Berger suggests that the individualistic interpretation of religious freedom means that "putting up a succah is a choice to be analysed against other choices like hanging a garden trellis or opting for satellite television over cable.
Lindsay to Construct Succah Honoring Golda," American Examiner, September 25, 1969; Jean Herschaft, "Lindsay's Sukkah Runs into Hot Water," Jewish Post & Opinion, September 26, 1969; "1,300 Turn Out for M-Karat Gala for Golda," New York Daily News, October 1, 1969; Davidoff interview.
According to the court, it was not apparent that the contours of a prisoner's right to reasonable dietary and meal accommodations extended to the use of a succah.
5) The Court has also held that a province need not exempt members of a small religious group from a photo requirement for driver's licences, (6) that a Sikh high school student in Quebec could not be prevented from bringing his kirpan to class (7) and that a Quebec condominium syndicate could not prohibit owners from erecting succah on their balconies, although they had apparently signed an agreement to the contrary.
Jewish Events Willamette Valley - Third annual Succah Crawl will continue Sunday, weather permitting.
Observant Jews can set up a succah on commonly owned property contrary to the terms of a declaration of co-ownership, but a Hutterite cannot refuse to provide a photo for a driver's licence.
In Amselem, Orthodox Jews, who co-owned condominium units in Montreal, asserted a right to build a succah on their balconies to celebrate a nine-day festival.
Van Praagh, Shauna "View from the Succah : Religion and Neighbourly Relations", In Moon, Richard, ed.
but in their joy of the following of the commandments," Shabbat 30b; and "The Holy Spirit dwells only in a heart filled with gladness," Yerushalmi Succah 5:1.
1) their refusal to allow Sisney to erect and use a succah or Sukkot Booth during the Festival of Sukkot;