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n. pl. suc·ce·da·ne·a (-nē-ə)
A substitute.

[New Latin succēdāneum, from Latin, neuter sing. of succēdāneus, substituted, from succēdere, to succeed; see succeed.]
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n, pl -nea (-nɪə)
(Medicine) obsolete something that is used as a substitute, esp any medical drug or agent that may be taken or prescribed in place of another
[C17: from Latin succēdāneus following after, from succēdere to succeed]
ˌsucceˈdaneous adj
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(ˌsʌk sɪˈdeɪ ni əm)

n., pl. -ne•a (-ni ə)
a substitute.
[1635–45; < New Latin < Latin succēdāneus <suc- suc- + cēd(ere) to come, go (see cede)]
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Noun1.succedaneum - (medicine) something that can be used as a substitute (especially any medicine that may be taken in place of another)
substitute, replacement - a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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The first variety is Toxicodendron vernicifluum, which grows in the regions of China, Japan, and Korea with the main component of "urushiol." Second, Toxicodendron succedanea, which grows in Vietnam and Chinese Taiwan, has "laccol" as its main component.
Rhus succedanea, the wax tree, is a flowering plant species found in Asia.
The common species present at these sites were Schima wallichii, Sterculia villosa, Callicarpa arborea, Emblica officinalis, Albizzia chinensis, Castanopsis tribuloides, Rhus succedanea, Toona ciliata, Wendlandia tinctoria and Wendlandiagrandis (Singh et al.