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n. pl. suc·ce·da·ne·a (-nē-ə)
A substitute.

[New Latin succēdāneum, from Latin, neuter sing. of succēdāneus, substituted, from succēdere, to succeed; see succeed.]
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n, pl -nea (-nɪə)
(Medicine) obsolete something that is used as a substitute, esp any medical drug or agent that may be taken or prescribed in place of another
[C17: from Latin succēdāneus following after, from succēdere to succeed]
ˌsucceˈdaneous adj
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(ˌsʌk sɪˈdeɪ ni əm)

n., pl. -ne•a (-ni ə)
a substitute.
[1635–45; < New Latin < Latin succēdāneus <suc- suc- + cēd(ere) to come, go (see cede)]
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Noun1.succedaneum - (medicine) something that can be used as a substitute (especially any medicine that may be taken in place of another)
substitute, replacement - a person or thing that takes or can take the place of another
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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In this emergency, he cut up the stem of his pipe into fine shavings, which he mixed with certain herbs, and thus manufactured a temporary succedaneum to enable him to accompany his long colloquies and harangues with the customary fragrant cloud.
Most contemporary data indicate that digital vaginal examination has an error rate of approximately 20% for identifying the position of the cephalic fetus, especially in the presence of fetal caput succedaneum and asynclitism.
Whereas the neonates with life threatening congenital malformations, chromo-somal abnormalities like trisomy 13, 18 and 21, congenital hydrocephalus, trauma like cephalo-hematoma, sub aponeurotic hemorrhage and caput succedaneum, Pulmonary disease like respiratory distress syndrome were excluded from the study.
Rhus succedanea (formerly Toxicodendron succedaneum) has been used in indigenous medicine for quite a long time in the treatment of asthma, cough, and colicky pains [2], and has anti-rumor, anti-oxidation, hangover cure, and gastritis suppression effects [3].
The incidence of Miliaria crystallina was higher and that of Caput succedaneum lower than previous studies (Nanda 1989), probably because our study was done in a hot environment and forceps delivery was less.
For example, we have a project of mobile phone peripheral which can easily be completely replaced, and our project will become valueless if the succedaneum idea turns to product ahead of ours.
Silviu Berejan--in his intervention entitled Degradation of oral speaking in a country with two official parallel languages (2005)--termed the so-called "Moldavian language" ("initially--namely in 1940, when the name of the language was modified according to the name of the newly-formed Moldavian Republic--spoken by nobody, being considered as ridiculous") as "an succedaneum of Romanian", simplified and rendered dry, which caused "a total (both qualitative and functional) degradation of the language spoken in the territory under analysis" and also "subculture/linguistic degradation" (p.
After 4 hours of pushing, there has been minimal descent of the fetal vertex beyond +1 station with significant caput succedaneum. Her physician decides to proceed with cesarean delivery.