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1. Full of juice or sap; juicy.
2. Botany Having thick, fleshy, water-storing leaves or stems.
3. Highly interesting or enjoyable; delectable: a succulent bit of gossip.
n. Botany
A succulent plant, such as a sedum or cactus.

[Latin succulentus, from succus, juice; see seuə- in Indo-European roots.]

suc′cu·lence, suc′cu·len·cy n.
suc′cu·lent·ly adv.
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Leafy vegetable preparations can vary depending on their seasonal availability and are succulently incorporated into dals, curries, and broths.
Total calories per 2 TB serving: 110 Carbohydrates: 1 gram Sodium: 125 milligrams Fat: 12 grams Protein: <1 gram Fiber: <1 gram Yam Noodle Salad (Serves 6) A succulently flavored salad, this recipe could be considered Pan-Asian as the noodles, known as konjac or shirataki, are native to Japan, China, and Indonesia.
There are also steamed, skinless potatoes and the cod flesh itself, poached, luminous white and flaking succulently at the slightest nudge of a fork - we liberally grind over fresh black pepper and sprinkle on finely chopped raw white onion.
The latest collection by the talented Missouri songstress cherry-picks succulently odd offcuts from her prolific career.
Barcelona hit back, first Paco Alcacer coming close before Messi curled home succulently from the edge of the box after good build-up work by Neymar in the 30th minute.
Our celebrated prime quality beef patties are succulently prepared exclusively for each order as are our freshly peeled and cut fries and daily baked soft buns.
That very blouse exposed her chest a bit and did not cover the osodi-oke completely, the two touched each other sideways, they were succulently fair, the neck-chain she put on slightly positioned itself in a space between the oshodi-oke, it was glittering admiringly.
The fruit pulp surrounding the seed is succulently sweet, fresh and juicy with the right amount of tartness.
Or, as former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski once succulently put it: "What is most important to the history of the world?
With a succulently apt name, Trouble went on to deem them "hopeless guards of the Myth" who "managed to kill the style and elegance of the America's Cup," turning it into nothing short of "a vulgar beach event smelling of sunscreen and French fries."