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a. Of this kind: a single parent, one of many such people in the neighborhood.
b. Of a kind specified or implied: a boy such as yourself.
a. Of a degree or quality indicated: Their anxiety was such that they could not sleep.
b. Of so extreme a degree or quality: never dreamed of such wealth.
1. To so extreme a degree; so: such beautiful flowers; such a funny character.
2. Very; especially: She has been in such poor health lately.
a. Such a person or persons or thing or things: was the mayor and as such presided over the council; expected difficulties, and such occurred.
b. Itself alone or within itself: Money as such will seldom bring total happiness.
2. Someone or something implied or indicated: Such are the fortunes of war.
3. Similar things or people; the like: pins, needles, and such.
such as
For example: rodents such as field mice and voles.

[Middle English, from Old English swylc; see swo- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: The adjective such is often followed by that when such is used to mean "of a degree or quality indicated," as in the sentence The demand for Feinberg's specialized services is such that he commands around $200,000 a month when he gets involved in a case. This example was acceptable to 86 percent of the Usage Panel in our 2011 survey. · The Panel does not, however, find the phrase such that to be an acceptable replacement for so that or in such a way that. A mere 22 percent approved of this usage in the sentence The products are packaged such that users can pick the components they need and add capabilities over time. · The phrase as such is often used to emphasize the kind or category that has just been mentioned or to note that a term is being used in a narrow or exact sense: "Prisoners of war did not exist as such in antiquity; generally, defeated combatants were slaughtered or enslaved" (Lawrence Malkin). Sometimes as such occurs at the beginning of a sentence and is used as a connector to the previous sentence when there is no noun in that sentence serving as an antecedent for the word such: Rousseau articulated what he called the general will, which supposedly reflects the true will of all the people. As such, Rousseau is a great defender of democracy. The Usage Panel has little enthusiasm for this construction. In our 2005 survey, 75 percent of the Panel rejected this example, and percentages as great or greater rejected three similar examples.
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a. of the sort specified or understood: such books shouldn't be sold here.
b. (as pronoun): such is life; robbers, rapists, and such.
2. so great; so much: such a help; I've never seen such weeping.
3. as such
a. in the capacity previously specified or understood: a judge as such hasn't so much power.
b. in itself or themselves: intelligence as such can't guarantee success.
4. such and such specific, but not known or named: at such and such a time.
5. such as
a. for example: animals, such as elephants and tigers.
b. of a similar kind as; like: people such as your friend John make me angry.
c. of the (usually small) amount, etc: the food, such as there was, was excellent.
6. such that so that: used to express purpose or result: power such that it was effortless.
(intensifier): such nice people; such a nice person that I gave him a present.
[Old English swilc; related to Old Frisian sālik, Old Norse slīkr, Gothic swaleiks, Old High German sulih]
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1. of the kind, character, degree, etc., indicated or implied: Such a man is dangerous.
2. like or similar: tea, coffee, and such commodities.
3. of so extreme a kind; so good, bad, etc.: He is such a liar.
4. being as stated or indicated: Such is the case.
5. being the person or thing or the persons or things indicated: If any member be late, such member shall be suspended.
6. definite but not specified: Allow such an amount for rent, and the rest for other things.
7. so; to such a degree: such nice people.
8. in such a way or manner.
9. such a person or thing or such persons or things: kings, princes, and such.
10. someone or something indicated: She claims to be a friend but is not such.
such as,
a. of the kind specified: A plan such as you propose will succeed.
b. for example: pastimes, such as reading and chess.
[before 900; Middle English, Old English swilc, swelc < Germanic *swa so1 + *līko- like1; c. Middle Dutch swilc, swelc, Gothic swaleiks; akin to Old High German solih, sulih, Old Norse slīkr]
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1. referring back

Such a thing or person means a thing or person like the one that has just been described, mentioned, or experienced.

We could not believe such a thing.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'such' when you are talking about something that is present, or about the place where you are. For example, if you are admiring someone's watch, don't say 'I'd like such a watch'. Say 'I'd like a watch like that'. Don't say about the town where you are living 'There's not much to do in such a town'. Say 'There's not much to do in a town like this'.

We have chairs like these at home.
It's hard living alone in a place like this.
2. 'such as'

You use such as between two noun phrases when you are giving an example of something.

They played games such as bingo.
Mammals such as dogs and elephants give birth to live young.

The first noun phrase is sometimes put between such and as. This use is more common in formal or literary English.

We talked about such subjects as the weather.
She spent a lot of time buying such things as clothes and linen.
3. 'such' used for emphasis

Such is sometimes used to emphasize the adjective in a noun phrase. For example, instead of saying 'He's a nice man', you can say 'He's such a nice man'.

She seemed such a happy woman.
It was such hard work.

Be Careful!
Use a when the noun phrase is singular and countable. Don't say, for example, 'She seemed such happy woman'. Also, don't say 'She seemed a such happy woman'.

In conversation, for greater emphasis, some people say ever such instead of 'such'.

I think that's ever such a nice photo.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'ever such' in writing.

You can use such to refer to something or someone that has just been described or mentioned and to emphasize a quality that they have. For example, instead of saying 'It was a very old car. I was surprised to see her driving it', you can say 'I was surprised to see her driving such an old car'.

I was impressed to meet such a famous actress.
You really shouldn't tell such obvious lies.
4. 'such...that': mentioning a result

You can also use such in front of a noun phrase when you are saying that something happens because someone or something has a quality to an unusually large extent. After the noun phrase, you use a that-clause.

This can be such a gradual process that you are not aware of it happening.
Sometimes the children are such hard work that she's relieved when the day is over.
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Adj.1.such - of so extreme a degree or extent; "such weeping"; "so much weeping"; "such a help"; "such grief"; "never dreamed of such beauty"
much - (quantifier used with mass nouns) great in quantity or degree or extent; "not much rain"; "much affection"; "much grain is in storage"
Adv.1.such - to so extreme a degree; "he is such a baby"; "Such rich people!"
intensifier, intensive - a modifier that has little meaning except to intensify the meaning it modifies; "`up' in `finished up' is an intensifier"; "`honestly' in `I honestly don't know' is an intensifier"
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إلى دَرَجَةٍ كبيرَهتُسْتَعْمَل للتَّوكيد بمعنى: كهذا، كهذهجِداًجِدّاًشَخص كهذا، شَيءٌ كهذا
takovýtocojako takovýpodobný
sådansådannedemden slags
hvílíkur; svoòaî litla sem; sem slíkuròvílíkur, òess háttarslíkur; svosvo sem; slíkur, òvílíkur, òess háttar
tokio pobūdžiotoks ir toks
kā tādstāds
böyleböylesinebu olaybu/o şeybunun/onun gibi
như loại đónhư thế nàythực sự làvô cùng


A. ADJ (= of that kind) → tal; (= so much) → tanto
such a booktal libro
such bookstales libros
books such as thesesemejantes libros
did you ever see such a thing?¿has visto alguna vez cosa semejante?, ¿se vio jamás tal cosa?
I was in such a hurrytenía tanta prisa
it caused such trouble thatdio lugar a tantos disgustos que ...
such an honour!¡tanto honor!
it made such a stir as had not been known beforetuvo una repercusión como no se había conocido hasta entonces
in such casesen tales casos, en semejantes casos
we had such a case last yeartuvimos un caso parecido el año pasado
such is not the case (frm) → la cosa no es así
on just such a day in Junejusto en un día parecido de junio
such a plan is most unwiseun proyecto así es poco aconsejable, un proyecto de ese tipo no es aconsejable
writers such as Updike, such writers as Updikeautores como Updike
such a man as Ganivetun hombre tal como Ganivet
such a man as youun hombre como tú
such money as I haveel dinero que tengo
such stories as I knowlas historias que conozco
this is my car such as it isaunque valga poco, es mi coche
he read the documents such as they wereleyó los documentos que había
such as?¿por ejemplo?
such is lifeasí es la vida
there's no such thingno existe tal cosa
there's no such thing as a unicornel unicornio no existe
the Gautier case was such a oneel caso Gautier era de ese tipo
some such ideaalgo por el estilo
B. ADVtan
such good foodcomida tan buena
such a clever girluna muchacha tan inteligente
it's such a long time nowhace tanto tiempo
C. PRONlos que, las que
we took such as we wantedtomamos los que queríamos
I will send you such as I receivete mandaré los que reciba
may all such perish!¡mueran cuantos hay como él!
rabbits and hares and suchconejos y liebres y tal
as such and as such he was promotedy así fue ascendido
there are no trees as suchno hay árboles propiamente dichosno hay árboles que digamos
we know of none suchno tenemos noticias de ninguno así
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(= of this or that kind) → tel(telle)
such a book → un tel livre, un livre pareil
such books → de tels livres, des livres pareils
there's no such thing → ça n'existe pas
There's no such thing as the yeti → Le yéti, ça n'existe pas.
I said no such thing → je n'ai rien dit de tel
some such place → un endroit de ce genre
such as (= like) → tel que(telle), comme
hot countries, such as India → les pays chauds, comme l'Inde, les pays chauds, tels que l'Inde
such ... as
such careers as teaching, nursing and hairdressing → des carrières comme l'enseignement, les soins infirmiers et la coiffure, des carrières telles que l'enseignement, les soins infirmiers et la coiffure
(= so much) → tant de
It was written in such detail → C'était écrit avec tant de détails.
such courage → tant de courage
such a
They were making such a noise that → Ils faisaient tant de bruit que ...
such books as I have (= those few) → les quelques livres que j'ai
They are such nice people → Ce sont des gens si gentils.
It's such a long journey → C'est un si long voyage.
It was such a long time ago → C'était il y a si longtemps.
He writes such good books → Il écrit de si bons livres.
such a lot of → tellement de, tant de
I've got such a lot of work → J'ai tellement de travail.
a noise such as to → un bruit de nature à
as such → en tant que tel(telle)
not as such → pas exactement
He's not an expert as such, but → Ce n'est pas exactement un expert, mais ...such and such such-and-such [ˈsʌtʃənsʌtʃ] adjtel(le) ou tel(le)
such-and-such a place → tel ou tel endroit
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(= of that kind)solche(r, s); such a personso or solch ein Mensch, ein solcher Mensch; such a bookso ein Buch, ein solches Buch; such people/bookssolche Leute/Bücher; many/few/all such people/booksviele/wenige/all solche Leute/Bücher; all such books are very expensivesolche Bücher sind sehr teuer; do you have such a book?haben Sie so ein Buch?; such a thingso etwas, so was (inf); have you got such a thing as …?haben Sie so etwas wie …?; there’s such a thing as divorcees gibt so etwas wie eine Scheidung; I said no such thingdas habe ich nie gesagt; no such thingnichts dergleichen; I’ll/you’ll do no such thingich werde mich/du wirst dich hüten; there’s no such thing as a unicornso etwas wie ein Einhorn gibt es nicht; … or some such idea… oder so etwas, … oder so was in der Richtung (inf), → oder so ähnlich; … or some such name/place… oder so (ähnlich); he was such a one/just such anotherer war einer von ihnen/auch (so) einer; in such a casein einem solchen Fall; men/books such as these, such men/books as theseMänner/Bücher wie diese, solche Männer/Bücher; writers such as Agatha Christie, such writers as Agatha Christie(solche) Schriftsteller wie Agatha Christie; he’s not such a fool as you thinker ist nicht so dumm, wie Sie denken; I’m not such a fool as to believe that or that I’d believe thatich bin nicht so dumm or kein solcher Dummkopf, dass ich das glaube; such people as attendeddie(jenigen), die anwesend waren; I’ll give you such books/money as I havewas ich an Büchern/Geld habe, gebe ich Ihnen
(= so much, so great etc) he’s such a liarer ist so or solch ein Lügner, er ist ein derartiger or solcher Lügner; he did it in such a way that …er machte es so, dass …; such wealth!welch (ein) Reichtum!; such beauty!welche Schönheit!; he’s always in such a hurryer hat es immer so eilig
pred his surprise was such that …, such was his surprise that …seine Überraschung war so groß, dass …, er war so überrascht, dass …; his manner was such that …er benahm sich so, dass …; her speech was such that …ihre Rede war so gehalten, dass …
advso, solch (geh); nobody else makes such a good cup of tea as youniemand kocht so guten Tee wie du; it’s such a long time agoes ist so lange her
pron rabbits and hares and suchKaninchen, Hasen und dergleichen; such being the case …in diesem Fall; such was not my intentiondies war nicht meine Absicht; such is not the casedies ist nicht der Fall; such is life!so ist das Leben!; those and such as those (hum inf)die oberen zehntausend (hum); may all such perish!mögen sie alle verderben!; as suchan sich; such as?(wie) zum Beispiel?; such as it isso, wie es nun mal ist; the food, such as there was of it …das Essen, so weit vorhanden …, was an Essen da war, …; I’ll give you such as I haveich gebe Ihnen, was ich habe
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1. predeterminer, determiner
a. (of this/that sort) → tale, del genere
such a book → un tale libro, un libro del genere
such books → tali libri, libri del genere
did you ever hear of such a thing? → hai mai sentito una cosa del genere?
there's no such thing → non esiste
there's no such thing as a unicorn → gli unicorni non esistono
there's no such place in Italy → non c'è un posto del genere in Italia
such was his answer → questa è stata la sua risposta
such is life → così è la vita
I said no such thing → non ho detto niente del genere
in such cases → in casi del genere
we had such a case last year → si è avuto un caso del genere l'anno scorso
some such idea → un'idea del genere
it was such as to/that → era tale da/che
this is my car such as it is → questa è la mia macchina, se così si può chiamare
b. (so much, so great) → tale, tanto/a
he's not such a fool as you think → non è così scemo come pensi
I had such a fright → ho preso un tale spavento
such courage → tanto coraggio
I was in such a hurry → avevo una tale fretta
I was in such a hurry that ... → avevo così tanta fretta che...
such a lot of → talmente, così tanto/a
making such a noise that → facendo un rumore tale che
a noise such as to → un rumore tale da
c. (so very) → talmente, così
such good food → cibo così buono
such good books → libri così buoni
such a clever girl → una ragazza così intelligente
it's such a long time since we saw each other → è da tanto tempo che non ci vediamo
such a long time ago → tanto tempo fa
I haven't had such good tea for ages → erano secoli che non bevevo un tè così buono
such a long trip → un viaggio così lungo
d. such as (introducing examples) → come
such a man as you, a man such as you → un uomo come te
such writers as Updike, writers such as Updike → scrittori come Updike
books such as these → libri come questi
such as? → per esempio?
have you got such a thing as a torch? → hai una pila per caso?
2. pron
a. (this, that, those) such as wish to gochi desidera andare
but such is not the case → ma non è questo caso
and such (like) → e così via
I haven't many, but I'll give you such as I have → non ho molti, ma ti darò tutti quelli che ho
b. as such (in that capacity) → come tale, in quanto tale; (in itself) → di per sé
and as such he was promoted → e come tale fu promosso
there's no garden as such → non c'è un vero e proprio giardino
doctors as such are ... → i medici in quanto tali sono...
the work as such is poorly paid → il lavoro di per sé non è pagato bene
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(satʃ) adjective
1. of the same kind as that already mentioned or being mentioned. Animals that gnaw, such as mice, rats, rabbits and weasels are called rodents; He came from Bradford or some such place; She asked to see Mr Johnson but was told there was no such person there; I've seen several such buildings; I've never done such a thing before; doctors, dentists and such people.
2. of the great degree already mentioned or being mentioned. If you had telephoned her, she wouldn't have got into such a state of anxiety; She never used to get such bad headaches (as she does now).
3. of the great degree, or the kind, to have a particular result. He shut the window with such force that the glass broke; She's such a good teacher that the headmaster asked her not to leave; Their problems are such as to make it impossible for them to live together any more.
4. used for emphasis. This is such a shock! They have been such good friends to me!
such a person or thing, or such persons or things. I have only a few photographs, but can show you such as I have; This isn't a good book as such (= as a book) but it has interesting pictures.
ˈsuchlike adjective, pronoun
(things) of the same kind. I don't like books about love, romance and suchlike (things).
ˈsuch-and-such adjective, pronoun
used to refer to some unnamed person or thing. Let's suppose that you go into such-and-such a shop and ask for such-and-such.
such as it is
though it scarcely deserves the name. You can borrow our lawn mower, such as it is.
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جِداً, جِدّاً, كَهَذا tak, takový, sådan, sådanne so, solch, solcher τέτοιος, τόσο así, tal, tan niin, sellainen si, tel takav, tako come, simile, tale そのような, そんなに, とても 그런, 그렇게, 너무나~한 zoiets, zo'n, zulk, zulke , slik taki tal, tão такой, тому подобный, sådan เช่นนั้น, เช่นนี้, อย่างมาก böyle, böylesine như loại đó, như thế này, thực sự là, vô cùng 如此, 这样, 这样的, 那样
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a. tal, semejante;
in ___ manneren ___ forma.
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