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v. suck·led, suck·ling, suck·les
a. To cause or allow to take milk at the breast or teat; nurse: a mare suckling her foal.
b. To take milk from (the mother, a breast, or a teat): a baby suckling its mother's breast.
2. To take in as sustenance; have as nourishment: suckled courage from her strong mother.
3. To nourish as if with the milk of the breast; nurture: suckled on video games and comic books.
To suck at the breast or teat.

[Middle English suclen, perhaps from suklinge, suckling; see suckling.]
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Adj.1.suckled - (of an infant) breast-fed
breast-fed - (of an infant) fed milk from the mother's breast
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In the town were some substantial windowless houses of stone scattered among a wilderness of thatched cabins; the streets were mere crooked alleys, and un- paved; troops of dogs and nude children played in the sun and made life and noise; hogs roamed and rooted contentedly about, and one of them lay in a reeking wallow in the middle of the main thoroughfare and suckled her family.
Seven or eight months after the birth of the little Bartolomeo, it would have been hard to see in the mother who suckled her sickly babe the original of the beautiful portrait, the sole remaining ornament of the squalid home.
As I watched them playing about I discovered, not only that they suckled their young, but that at intervals they rose to the surface to breathe as well as to feed upon certain grasses and a strange, scarlet lichen which grew upon the rocks just above the water line.
He ate burnt flesh when he would have preferred it raw and unspoiled, and he brought down game with arrow or spear when he would far rather have leaped upon it from ambush and sunk his strong teeth in its jugular; but at last the call of the milk of the savage mother that had suckled him in infancy rose to an insistent demand--he craved the hot blood of a fresh kill and his muscles yearned to pit themselves against the savage jungle in the battle for existence that had been his sole birthright for the first twenty years of his life.
So I interviewed my Mammy Jennie, my old nurse at whose black breast I had suckled. She was more prosperous than my folks.
They know the land and the customs of the land, The others, all new from Europe, suckled by white women and learning our tongues from books, are worse than the pestilence.
The current crest - which was adapted from a design the club used when they were formed back in 1927 - features Rome's famous founders, twin brothers Romulus and Remus, as infants being suckled by the city's iconic Capitoline Wolf.
Dear honey suckled, dear poison ivy, dear yaupon with your poisoned
The piglets that suckled only at the two pair of cranial teats were classified as "anterior teats" (AT) and the ones that suckled other teats were classified as "other teats" (OT).
This study was aimed at determination of biochemical components of machine milked and suckled goat milk associated with pecuniary profit in the 1st and 2nd weeks of early lactation period.
Ms Haywood said: "There can be no doubt that entrenched fertility problems within the dairy herd will provoke polarisation among finishers and more of them will be forced to choose between initiating new moves to concentrate on cereal-fed Holstein bulls or continuing to feed suckled calves or dairy beef crosses as they do at present.
Mrs Roberts said: "We had to skin the foal that had died and put the coat over him, "He was quite greedy and went over to suckle and we initially had to hold her while he suckled. By 2am he was going up to her himself.