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1. An unweaned mammal, especially a suckling calf.
2. An animal that suckles its young, especially a cow that is kept to feed its own young, raised for beef.
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Analysis of farm business data from more than 1,500 sheep and suckler cow enterprises suggests there is a future for family farms if costs are kept under tight control.
ANEW analysis of farm business data from over 1,500 sheep and suckler cow enterprises in Wales has suggested that there is a future for the family farm if the business is managed effectively and costs kept tightly under control.
He told me he put 600 suckler cows through the ring last month because people are putting their cows off.
Noted within the beef industry, he has a herd of 50 suckler cows, including two stock bulls, a pedigree British Blue and a recently purchased Pedigree Beef Shorthorn, which will be put to the home bred British Blues.
2: Farming Connect workshop, with Ian Pritchard, SAC, "Suckler herd breeding", Myfyrian Isaf, Gaerwen, LL60-6NW, 11am-2pm.
It can pay up to Euro 65.8 million for arable crops, Euro 14.7 million for bulls, Euro 5.6 million for slaughtered adult cattle, Euro 3.4 million for suckler cows, Euro 570,000 for flax grown as fibre and Euro 100,000 for ewes.
Tests by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency at Weybridge, Surrey, confirmed that six of the farm's beef suckler herd had contracted the disease.
The beef comes from a suckler herd grazed on grassland in the summer months.
Trying to make a good living out of suckler cows and sheep is proving a complete disaster," he said.
The beef intervention price was reduced 5 percent on July 1993, and premiums for suckler cows and male bovines were increased.