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1. An unweaned mammal, especially a suckling calf.
2. An animal that suckles its young, especially a cow that is kept to feed its own young, raised for beef.
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Devonside Farm has a mix of arable and pasture land which currently supports a suckler herd and includes a range of modern and traditional buildings which previously formed part of the original dairy complex.
Alan, a hardworking farmer with a lovely suckler herd, was at his wits' end.
At the Farming Connect event he will outline how he achieves outputs of up to 3,000kgLW/ha from his Angus suckler herd.
After taking on the farm tenancy three years ago, John and Emily have established an organic suckler herd of 80 - predominantly Aberdeen Angus - plus a flock of 400 Texel cross ewes.
The line-up is completed by local vet Rhian Matthews, of Maes Glas Vets, who will focus on improving suckler herd fertility.
Janet said: "Breeding lines are very important and I am always trying to improve my suckler herd performance.
FARMING Connect is setting up "FertBench" business clubs across Wales to improve suckler herd performance.
In England, the June census shows suckler herd numbers have actually risen slightly, to 756,000, but the dairy herd, which supplies half of our beef, has fallen to 1,160,000.
The farmer, who won the Limousin Society's North East Suckler Herd of the Year title last year, was fined pounds 2,000 with costs of pounds 1,300.
Tests by the Veterinary Laboratories Agency at Weybridge, Surrey, confirmed that six of the farm's beef suckler herd had contracted the disease.
The beef comes from a suckler herd grazed on grassland in the summer months.