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1. An unweaned mammal, especially a suckling calf.
2. An animal that suckles its young, especially a cow that is kept to feed its own young, raised for beef.
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Each year some 300 ewes are put to Innovis Aberfield rams, with the lambs sold to Dunbia, while the sucklers are crossed with a Limousin bull and the calves sold as 8-15 month stores to private buyers.
The committee's first chairman is 39-year-old Breconshire farmer Darren Williams, 39, of Talwen Fawr farm, Garthbrengy, who runs 80 cattle with 30 sucklers and finishers, 500 sheep and 25 acres of arable on the 250-acre tenant farm.
In addition, 900 sucklers are currently in calf to the Stabiliser.
Their female calves are kept as sucklers and these will produce terminal offspring.
The aim with the sucklers is to use our rough pasture for grazing during the summer months, and supplement this with brassicas such as kale and other faster growing rape/kale hybrids during the winter months.
And there is speculation that some dairy producers will swap their cows for sucklers which could maintain a buoyant market for beef heifer replacements.
Milk production from an Ayrshire herd ceased in 1996 and a Charolais herd established in 1982 was continued alongside the commercial sucklers.
Then two years ago he started keeping suckler cows and the farm now accommodates 40 sucklers, 140 stores and 300 Suffolk and Texel cross ewes, which are put to Texel rams.
The Davies brothers visited a number of purebred Salers herds and eventually invested in a bull to put over a portion of the crossbred sucklers at Bryniog Ucha.
Present stocking numbers have reached more than 100 sucklers, of which 50 will be heifers calved this summer.
I have a neighbour down the road here who has 92 sucklers and he hasn't been paid either.