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 (so͞o′krās′, -krāz′)

[French sucre, sugar (from Old French sukere; see sugar) + -ase.]
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(Biochemistry) another name for invertase
[C19: from French sucre sugar + -ase]
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(ɪnˈvɜr teɪs, -teɪz)

also in•ver′tin,

an enzyme that causes the inversion of cane sugar into invert sugar.
Also called sucrase.
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Noun1.sucrase - an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose and fructose
disaccharidase - an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of disaccharides into monosaccharides
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Sucrase activity is related to SOM, N, P, microorganism quantity, and soil respiration intensity.
According to the company, Sucraid (sacrosidase) Oral Solution is an enzyme replacement therapy for the treatment of genetically determined sucrase deficiency, which is part of congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID).
For mucosal samples, the activity of sucrase and maltase was determined as previously described [25].
Regulation (Alteration) of activity and conformation of sucrase by coaggregation with cellobiase in culture medium of Termitomyces clypeatus.
Drugs such as acarbose and natural supplements like l-arabinose impede the activity of alpha-glucosidases such as sucrase and slow absorption.
Instead, combination (1:1) of both showed activation of sucrase. Sucrose binds to the active site on sucrase, and this puts stress on the bond between the two sugars that make up sucrose.
Brush border enzymes include lactase (which breaks down lactose), sucrase (which breaks down sucrose), and maltase (which breaks down maltose).
Of 203 children (mean age, 11.5 years) with chronic abdominal pain who presented to the gastroenterology clinic at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, the proportion with abnormally low disaccharidase levels in small-intestinal biopsy samples was 37% for lactase, 21% for sucrase, 25% for glucoamylase (which cleaves glucose from maltose or starch), and 8% for palatinase (sucrase-isomaltase).
It is documented that phytate decreased the activities of disaccharidas, Na+K+-ATPase, and glucose concentrations in chickens intestine, but phytase enhanced the concentrations of amylase, sucrase, maltase, Na+K+-ATPase, and glucose (Liu et al., 2008b).
Alpha glucosidase (sucrase or maltase) inhibition % was calculated as (1 - [([A.sub.sample] - [A.sub.blank])/([A.sub.control] - [A.sub.blank])]) * 100.