suction pad

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The iOttie Mount securely attaches to almost any surface with a sticky suction pad. After repeated use, the suction pad can be restored to its original adhesion by cleaning it with warm water and allowing to air dry.
Accessories include the Skipper XS suction pad holder/receiver that easily connects to high gloss surfaces and glass.
Camera mounts with a suction pad to your windscreen or dashboard
The Easy View Car Mount, available for only $22.99, can be attached to either windshields or dashboards securely due to its super sticky suction pad. The drop of the locking lever adds extra security to the suction pad to ensure it will not budge.
Before the patients go to sleep, they stick the tip of their tongue to a suction pad on the part of the dummy that sits inside their mouth.
Featuring a replaceable suction pad, the JumboFlex vacuum tube lifter facilitates ergonomic picking of sacks and cardboard boxes.
Taking their cue from dogs that are trained to retrieve things, Toyota engineers designed the robot to perform simple tasks on command, using an arm equipped with a small suction pad.
It's enough to induce vertigo as Hunt hangs off the 130th floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, using suction pad gloves.
The contact bars consist of 20-cm long iron sticks (4 mm in diameter) subjected to a suction pad on one of the edges.
Please ensure that you remove any valuable items including the sat-nav suction pad. You can also consider leaving your glove box open to show that you haven't left a sat-nav or other valuables in there."
The Anver VMSeries Ergonomic Vacuum-Hoist Lifter can be equipped with custom suction pad attachments for handling contoured parts from the top, based upon the available surface area.