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Producing or secreting sweat: sudoriferous glands.

[From Late Latin sūdōrifer : Latin sūdor, sweat; see sweid- in Indo-European roots + Latin -fer, -fer.]


(Physiology) producing or conveying sweat. Also: sudoriparous
[C16: via New Latin from sudor + Latin ferre to bear]
ˌsudorˈiferousness n


(ˌsu dəˈrɪf ər əs)

secreting sweat.
[1590–1600; < Late Latin sūdōrifer, derivative of Latin sūdōr-, s. of sūdor sweat (sūd(āre) to sweat]
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Producing or covered with sweat:
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Sudoriferous cyst of the orbit of adult origin after trauma.
3) Possible etiologies include: increased metabolic expenditure, decreased heat loss due to lack of hyperventilation as a result of pain relief, thermoregulatory changes induced by epidural analgesia, direct effects of local anesthetics on the central nervous system, paralysis of the sudoriferous glands which reduce heat loss, non-infectious inflammatory processes and intrapartum infection, among others.
Here is yet another ogre, one whose olfactory sense is so refined (Perrault's ogre sniffs about him, "saying that he could smell human flesh" [193]) that he can distinguish between races by their individual smell, "black, yellow, Semitic and Nordic with his eyes shut, just by the fatty volatile acids and alkalis secreted by their sudoriferous and sebaceous glands" (252).