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a. sudoríparo-a, que secreta sudor;
___ glandglándula ___.
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The skin of the elderly tends to become dry due to: the decrease in the number of sebaceous and sudoriparous glands; changes in elastic fibers, of the conjunctive collagen; wrinkling and decreased turgor and tone increase the risk of laceration due to the lowered ability of the skin to act as a barrier against external factors.
Barata [4] reports that a product will be absorbed by the body following ways of penetration: transdermal (very slow penetration via, but of considerable importance); by sudoriparous glands (lines minor penetration), and by pilo-sebaceous apparatus (easier penetration zones).
Slight lymphoplasmocytic inflammatory infiltration around the vessels and dermal adnexa, areas of moderate dermal fibrosis, mild to moderate edema, and ectasia of the sudoriparous glands were verified.