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adj. suds·i·er, suds·i·est
Full of or resembling suds.


(ˈsʌd zi)

adj. suds•i•er, suds•i•est.
1. consisting of, containing, or producing suds.
2. resembling suds.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Adj.1.sudsy - resembling lather or covered with lather


Consisting of or resembling foam:


adjSeifen-; sudsy waterSeifenwasser nt
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Consulting with Chef Walter Staib of Philadelphia's City Tavern, a historical recreation of an 18th century pub favored by the Founding Fathers, Yards Brewmaster, Tom Kehoe, concocted a sudsy and potent honey, rye, and wheat ale in the President's honor.
Marc Lord Not a good move if I'm honest since a lot of people enjoy the sudsy fixtures and it allows those who play on a Saturday to watch rugby games
Many everyday shampoos have detergents and chemicals (called sulfates), which create that sudsy lather when you shampoo--not good, it turns out Instead, cleansing conditioners clean your hair while hydrating with natural oils.
Like a sudsy Advent holiday calendar, a different beer was featured every day for 12 days, building interest and anticipation.
When you overdo it with sudsy or foaming cleansers -- especially those with salicylic acid or glycolic acid -- you could strip natural oils from your skin.
I am discovering, despite my worst efforts, that spiritual love converts to humor, not anger, when Vickie puts my keys in a sudsy pot.
For a suggested PS5 donation to Children in Need, anyone could visit the dealerships and have their cars washed, get a Sudsy Pudsey car wash pack to use at home and join in the fundraising fun.
CARE home workers will be getting soapy and sudsy to raise money for Pudsey.
After a tense moment, the raft popped up like a cork in a sudsy bucket of beer.
Other writers point to the relevance of the problems treated in the admittedly sudsy series.
Sudsy Car Wash LLC, led by Tracy and Terre Tisdale, acquired the 8001 Geyer Springs Road property from Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff.
Frontier's new in-flight menu now is 'Made in Colorado' We knew that Frontier was all about the sudsy stuff up in the air, but now it looks like their expanding their pride to other in-flight items.