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adj. suds·i·er, suds·i·est
Full of or resembling suds.


(ˈsʌd zi)

adj. suds•i•er, suds•i•est.
1. consisting of, containing, or producing suds.
2. resembling suds.
[1865–70, Amer.]
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Adj.1.sudsy - resembling lather or covered with lather


Consisting of or resembling foam:


adjSeifen-; sudsy waterSeifenwasser nt
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The subversive science fiction musical stars actor Joseph le Compte, who is best known for films Moose (2015) and Sudsy Slim Rides Again (2018).
Eyeballs popping out, tongues flailing in the wind, aliens probing (or worse) and a whole lot of sudsy beer--you won't see those images hanging in snobby museums, but they matter to artist Jeff Wheeler.
So there we were, my sister and I, one at a time, getting warm and sudsy in the tin tub on the kitchen floor.
If our lives are not already highly charged with drama, we still look for melodrama in the daily, nightly soaps to make real life just as sudsy.
Soak them in a bathtub or sink full of warm sudsy water.
And yes, a wide selection of appropriate sudsy items to wash it down.
She dumped the sudsy water and rinsed and filled the tub with clean rainwater.
Also new to market, Sudsy is a plant-packed, gentle foaming body wash that contains the perfect blend of body perfecting and clarifying botanicals from BioClarity.
After all, Boisterous Celebrity's latest shenanigan bore all the hallmarks of a suspiciously sudsy soap opera.
Who doesn't jump up and down at the prospect of scrubbing something out by hand with a tub of cold sudsy water and an old washboard?
He soon discovered that people were showing up for the sudsy swag-and not staying for the morality message.
In another, a girl carries a sudsy dinosaur rather than a baby doll to the bath.