suede leather

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Noun1.suede leather - leather with a napped surfacesuede leather - leather with a napped surface  
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
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Further configuration options include a range of interior colours to choose from, from Sportivo Leather to Elegante Leather, an array of steering wheel options to select, from a Suede Leather Steering Wheel to a Perforated Leather Steering Wheel, and a plethora of additional equipment to pick, be it a Bang & Olufsen 3D advanced Sound System or off road modes.
Shooter comes in buttery suede leather in deep black and a subtle perforated chevron pattern.
The patented layered design of the Pro Tandem holsters keep the mounting hardware away from the skin with a layer of neoprene and soft suede leather.
The uppers combine suede leather and water-resistant textile for great durability on rough terrain.
These Jack Wolfskin men's boots, in classic Tarmac Grey waterproof suede leather, combine a robust sole and upper with cushioned shock-absorbing midsole.
com)-- Made popular in the 1950s and in circulation for more than 60 years, Clark's Originals is a name that is well known for their designer shoes made of suede leather.
Faux suede leather (amount determined by measurements; see "Fabric Selection" on page 36)
FRINGING is a big look for spring but if the suede leather jacket look comes over a bit too cowboy for you try it on a bag instead.
These are made with suede leather and canvas upper.
For the men, the Florsheim Casual Crest shoe is a perforated handsewn slipon shoe with twin side gore, soft suede leather upper and lining.
Their Recycled Cosmetic Bag ($32) is made from a Mayan blouse with hand-woven red and orange floral patterns and a suede leather trim.