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 (sŭf′rə-gən, -jən)
n. Abbr. Suff. or Suffr.
1. A bishop elected or appointed as an assistant to the bishop or ordinary of a diocese, having administrative and episcopal responsibilities but no jurisdictional functions.
2. A bishop regarded in position as subordinate to an archbishop or a metropolitan.
Of, being, or relating to a suffragan.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin suffrāgāneus, voting, supporting, from Latin suffrāgium, support, right to vote, from suffrāgārī, to express support; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

suf′fra·gan·ship′ n.


(Ecclesiastical Terms)
a. (of any bishop of a diocese) subordinate to and assisting his superior archbishop or metropolitan
b. (of any assistant bishop) having the duty of assisting the bishop of the diocese to which he is appointed but having no ordinary jurisdiction in that diocese
(Ecclesiastical Terms) a suffragan bishop
[C14: from Medieval Latin suffragāneus, from suffrāgium assistance, from Latin: suffrage]
ˈsuffraganship n


(ˈsʌf rə gən)

1. assisting or auxiliary to, as applied to any bishop in relation to the archbishop or metropolitan who is his or her superior.
2. (of a see or diocese) subordinate to an archiepiscopal or metropolitan see.
3. a suffragan bishop.
[1350–1400; Middle English suffragane < Medieval Latin suffrāgāneus voting = Latin suffrāg(ium) suffrage]
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Noun1.suffragan - an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese
bishop - a senior member of the Christian clergy having spiritual and administrative authority; appointed in Christian churches to oversee priests or ministers; considered in some churches to be successors of the twelve Apostles of Christ


A. ADJsufragáneo
B. Nobispo m sufragáneo


adjSuffragan-; suffragan bishopSuffraganbischof m
nSuffragan(bischof) m
References in classic literature ?
From the Consistory, from the Senate, from the University, from the Foundling Hospital, the Suffragan has sent.
prioresses, suffragans, acolytes, rectors, cures, sophis, mutifs and
The Queen has approved the nomination of the Reverend Dr Jillian Louise Calland Duff, MA, Director of Mellitus College, North West, to the Suffragan See of Lancaster, in the Diocese of Blackburn.
Lazo will also become the metropolitan bishop of the suffragan dioceses within the ecclesiastical province of Jaro, which covers the dioceses of Bacolod, San Jose de Antique, San Carlos and Kabankalan.
Ordained as deacon and priest in 1981, Cutler became the diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island's suffragan bishop in 2008, coadjutor bishop in 2013 and diocesan bishop in 2014.
This was announced to parents and friends of the school today by the headmistress, Miss I L Davies, and the Provost, the Suffragan Bishop of Lancaster, the Rt Rev A L E Hoskyns-Abrahall.
As the 12th suffragan Bishop of Grantham, Nicholas will have pastoral oversight of the archdeaconry of Boston.
The Rev Anne Hollinghurst will become Suffragan Bishop of Aston in the diocese of Birmingham.
Bishop Richard Blackburn, Suffragan Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Warrington
In 1974 he returned to England and became suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Truro.
Come to church this Christmas - Bishop Richard Blackburn, Suffragan Bishop of Liverpool and Bishop of Warrington
While last May a practising lesbian was appointed suffragan bishop in Los Angeles, U.