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 (sŭf′ro͞o-tĕs′ənt) also suf·fru·ti·cose (sŭf-ro͞o′tĭ-kōs′)
Having a stem that is woody only at the base; somewhat shrubby.

[New Latin suffrutēscēns, suffrutēscent- : Latin sub-, sub- + New Latin frutēscēns, frutescent (from Latin frutex, shrub).]
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(Botany) (of a plant) having a permanent woody base and herbaceous branches
[C18: from New Latin suffruticōsus, from Latin sub- + frutex a shrub]
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This improbable nutrient acquisition strategy is deployed by 19 genera from five orders and 12 families--with representatives among both the monocots and dicots, those with both radiate and bilabiate corollas, as well as annuals, perennials, epiphytes and suffruticose life forms.