sugar bowl

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Noun1.sugar bowl - a dish in which sugar is servedsugar bowl - a dish in which sugar is served  
dish - a piece of dishware normally used as a container for holding or serving food; "we gave them a set of dishes for a wedding present"
tea service, tea set - a set of china or silverware for serving tea
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"Here it is," said the Fairy, taking a lump from a golden sugar bowl.
The girls couldn't help laughing, and felt better for it, though Meg shook her head at the young lady who could find consolation in a sugar bowl.
Known as the 'Sugar Bowl of the Philippines,' the province is the country's top producer of sugar cane.
Culinary concepts bee honey jar and spoon, PS34.95; egg cup, PS34.95; set of four napkin rings, PS34.95; drizzler, PS12.95; butter dish, PS34.95; tea cup, PS4; saucer, PS2; side plates (set of 6), PS10.50; bone china tea pot, PS40; sugar bowl, PS15; fine napkins (set of four), PS20, all John Lewis d, Left: Bees sleep mask, PS18; espresso cup and saucer, PS16; tray, PS18, all Sophie Allport at House of Fraser & John Lewis Beehive door stop, PS34, Sophie Allport at House of Fraser & John Lewis Beeh Soph Fra y Bee honey pot, PS5, Dunelm Green bee embroidered cushion with linen, PS24, Debenhams e Large bee trinket tray, PS7.50, above, bee jug, PS25, both e, and large ug, M&S Rory Dobner: Bees all over plate, large, PS66, Amara large, 1.
Ehlinger ran for 3 touchdowns, the Texas defense largely held Georgia's offense in check, and the Longhorns earned their first 10-win season since 2009 by beating the Bulldogs 28-21 in the Sugar Bowl on Tuesday night.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for live animals to be banned from being used as mascots, by universities of Texas and Georgia after one of their mascots 6 a 1,600-pound steer, Bevo XV 6 charged at the other team's mascot 6 a 62-pound bulldog, Uga X 6 before Tuesday night's Allstate Sugar Bowl, in New Orleans. Left: Candlestick, PS17.99, H&M Right: Peacock bead placemat, PS16, John Lewis Below, right: Rory Dobne perfect plates, paloma peacock, small, PS36, Right: Deco Peacock sugar bowl and creamer, PS25, teapot, PS30, House of Fraser Left: Sara Miller fig, vanilla and cacao diffuser, PS28, John Lewis Above: Peacock embellished canvas, PS25, Dunelm
Negros Occidental is known as the sugar bowl of the Philippines as it accounts for more than half of the country's sugar output.
The cups, plate, sugar bowl were sculpted from sugar modelling paste and the teapot was made from raspberry ripple cake with Malibu frosting.
Sugar Bowl Bakery has expanded its line of traditional Madeleines--butter-rich mini pound cake-type pastries with only 90 calories per cake--with three additional flavors: Lemon, Pumpkin Spice and Orange.
If the Board achieves the target within the specific time, then the dream of the Chief Minister, Punjab may fulfil the province as the sugar bowl of the country.