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Noun1.sugar palm - Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fiberssugar palm - Malaysian feather palm with base densely clothed with fibers; yields a sweet sap used in wine and trunk pith yields sago
sago palm - any of various tropical Asian palm trees the trunks of which yield sago
Arenga, genus Arenga - a genus of tropical Asian and Malaysian palm trees
jaggary, jaggery, jagghery - unrefined brown sugar made from palm sap
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Kolak usually contains banana or sweet potato but can also accommodate other ingredients such as jackfruit or sugar palm fruit.
Looking like ginataang bilo-bilo, it was made of coconut milk broth mixed with sweetened monggo (mung beans), kaong (sugar palm fruit) and nata de coco (coconut gel) topped with jackfruit, small sago (tapioca pearls), saging na saba (saba banana), caramelized sweet potatoes, macapuno and a mixture of desiccated coconut, muscovado sugar and pinipig (rice flakes).
She met a grandfather who, like a tight-rope walker, whizzed up 20 sugar palm trees a day collecting sap.
The corporation's products are being sold in 'Sinubong by VPO' specialized stores with branches in Caraga and Compostela Valley, Davao region, such as eggs, meat products, rice, corn, coffee, cacao products, sugar palm products like sweeteners, vinegar, sugar palm wine, adlai cereal and sago flour.
Also along the route will be the mysterious temples of Angkor, Khmer relics of a vanished culture amongst the sugar palm trees.
and Smits, W., "Multipurpose palms: the sugar palm, " Agroforestry Systems 13: 111-129(1991)
Featured on the cover is the sugar palm or "kaong" which is abundant in Indang, Cavite and nearby communities.
Natural resources such as oil palm, pineapple leaf, banana, sugar palm etc.
Located 33 km west of the capital Phnom Penh the 7,077 yard par 72 course is set among 120 acres of land lined with sugar palm trees, evergreen plants, flowers and rocks.
Biomass residue from agricultural wastes are exploring the potential of using fillers such as sisal, jute, pineapple leaves, banana steam, oil palm, rice hulls and sugar palm are mostly available in abundance, can be found at no or low cost and renewable throughout the whole year in countries like Malaysia.
"'What does it take for the sugar palm tree to be the national symbol?' - that is the question from which this company exists," Hay said.