sugar water

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Noun1.sugar water - water sweetened with sugar
drinking water - water suitable for drinking
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'The problem of low vision and preventable blindness in children can arise from the application of harmful traditional ointments such as kerosene, cassava water, urine, breast milk, sugar water, battery fluid and onion amongst others into the eye,' she said.
Do you know if the sugar water will work for wild bees as well?
| Take the sugar water off the heat and stir in the lemon zest, juice and slices.
Then pour the lime and sugar water mixture through a fine mesh strainer into the pitcher you will be serving from.
A doctor has revealed how he revived a bee with sugar water - saving it from death.
"I helped one last week with a drink of sugar water, it had a good drink, sat for a minute and then flew off," one wrote.
Honey bees might be drawn to the very chemicals that are endangering them, based on experiments in which they preferred drinking sugar water that had been mixed with the poisons rather than sugar water alone.
The few available malt beverages in the market are just sugar water and malt essence, not even malt extract.
Reef Innovations sprays sugar water onto the surface of its molds to create a rough texture that allows marine life to grab on, then adds shells to mimic natural formations.
When the tunnel was marked with a blue "flower" (a placard), the bees learned that sugar water awaited them at its end.
Alternatively, buy a yellow car wash sponge and soak it in a homemade sugar water mix.
Alternatively, buy yellow car wash sponge and soak it a homemade sugar water mix.