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A small round piece of sugary candy.


(Cookery) a crystallized plum


(ˈʃʊg ərˌplʌm)

a sweetmeat or bonbon.
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Noun1.sugarplum - any of various small sugary candiessugarplum - any of various small sugary candies
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts


[ˈʃʊgəplʌm] Nconfite m
References in classic literature ?
He brought, on one pretext or another, presents to everybody, and almost every day; and went, with the landlord's little girl, who was rather a favourite with Amelia, by the name of Major Sugarplums.
It was only how to put a core of truth within the ornaments, that every sugarplum, in fact, might have an almond or caraway seed in it -- though I hold that almonds are most wholesome without the sugar -- and not how the inhabitant, the indweller, might build truly within and without, and let the ornaments take care of themselves.
Now that all the sugarplums, iPhone Xs and lumps of coal have been safely distributed, and as the elves clock off to spend their well-earned holiday bonuses on a little post-crunch R&R, the Clauses are finally free to take a deep breath (and perhaps a deep swig of mulled wine) and turn their attention to each other.
CHICAGO Sure as sugarplums, myths and misconceptions pop up every holiday season.
Along the way, we'll learn about sugarplums, jelly pistols, a Boar's Head cake - which sounds less delectable - and the predecessor of the beloved Chocolate Orange, the chocolate apple.
For the second year in a row, I am truly sorry this page isn't about sugarplums, snowflakes or Santa.
Instead of sugarplums, the visions that are dancing in your head involve hours of nonstop crying, the smell of dirty diapers, and spit-up all over the back seat.
sugarplums, silver and gold to create a base of rich color.
But Santa has gifts that he's determined to deliver, and he launches a special attack on the castle--with sugarplums and chewing gum.
They associate it with all the elements that probably attracted them to ballet in the first place: tutus, fairy tales, even sugarplums.
After reading about Pope Francis' Christmas Curia message, I thought how courageous, yet Christ-like, especially when the Curia was celebrating the season with visions of sugarplums.
Later, while the kids are tucked in bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads, adults can get their groove on at Nick's Bar and Restaurant, 124 Millbury St.