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 (səg-jĕst′, sə-jĕst′)
tr.v. sug·gest·ed, sug·gest·ing, sug·gests
1. To offer for consideration or action; propose: suggest things for children to do; suggested that we take a walk.
2. To express or say indirectly: The police officer seemed to be suggesting that the death was not an accident.
3. To make evident indirectly; intimate or imply: a silence that suggested disapproval.
4. To bring or call to mind by logic or association; evoke: a cloud that suggests a mushroom; a ringlike symbol suggesting unity.
5. To serve as or provide a motive for; prompt or demand: Such a crime suggests apt punishment.

[Latin suggerere, suggest- : sub-, up; see sub- + gerere, to carry.]

sug·gest′er n.
Synonyms: suggest, imply, hint, intimate2, insinuate
These verbs mean to convey thoughts or ideas by indirection. Suggest refers to the calling of something to mind as the result of an association of ideas: "Are you suggesting that I invited or enticed Kevin here knowing that my husband planned to be away?" (Mary Higgins Clark).
To imply is to suggest a thought or an idea by letting it be inferred from something else, such as a statement, that is more explicit: The effusive praise the professor heaped on one of the students began to imply disapproval of the rest. Hint refers to an oblique or covert suggestion that often contains clues: The news article hinted that his resignation was not voluntary. Intimate applies to indirect, subtle expression that often reflects discretion, tact, or reserve: She intimated that her neighbors were having marital problems. To insinuate is to suggest something, usually something unpleasant, in a covert, sly, and underhanded manner: The columnist insinuated that the candidate raised money unethically.
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Noun1.suggester - someone who advances a suggestion or proposal; "the suggester of this absurd strategy was a fool"
conceiver, mastermind, originator - someone who creates new things
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He has previously suggester he would not move to United out of respect to former club Liverpool, while Chelsea are facing up to a transfer ban this summer.
While some users said the teenager's friend set her up and got her raped for money, others suggester the hotel was involved in some kind of organ trading racket. 
Elastic, the new name for the open source enterprise search company Elasticsearch, hints at a forthcoming search "suggester" for its users.
The role of Faciltator is closely aligned to that of the Suggester, who is seen to make suggestions for others to take forward.
The system is composed of five main components: the "Ajax interface," the "Suggester" the "Grammar checker" the "SPARQL generator" and, external to the platform but key to the functioning of the system, the "Ontology repository" In a nutshell, the system works as follows.
The Layer2 Tag Suggester for SharePoint makes it as easy as possible to add metadata to SharePoint items or documents.
Deploying multiple forms of low-tech animation, Chris Sullivan's "Consuming Spirits" (2012) chronicles the lives of three residents of a rundown Appalachian town, gnomes of a newspaper called The Daily Suggester. As the film unfolds, it's evident the three hacks share a long, diabolical history.
(62) Markwick was encouraged by Gore when he started observing variable stars, with Markwick noting 'In him I found a ready helper, adviser, and suggester ...
These employees were respectively recognized as the Army's Civilian "Suggester of the Year" for 2009 and for 2010.