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The study of suicide, suicidal behavior, and suicide prevention.

su′i·cid·ol′o·gist n.
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someone who studies suicidology
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Bernet is a suicidologist and assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Stanford.
The same cannot be said for the suicidologist Edwin Schneidman's idea of the post self, his studies of the banality of suicide notes, or the enormous corpus of studies affirming the fundamental role of autobiographical memory distortions in depression.
McIntosh, Ph.D, a leading suicidologist, whose statistics are published by the American Association of Suicidology (AAS).
Elizabeth Slump is a death educator, grief therapist and suicidologist. She is also a contributor to Social Support: A Reflection of Humanity edited by John D.
for Crisis" (Underwood & Dunne-Maxim, 1993) Intervention: topics Gave confirmed details Preparing for crisis to school pop'n, training, crisis plan support rooms staffed training, crisis by school counselors consultation and social workers w/ invitation to students to attend if desired; ongoing support groups focused on suicide; teacher mtgs to gauge students' response; details about funeral, parent mtg Intervention: ND ND Proposed mechanism Subjects (n) 400 400 "caregivers" in 53 schools Subjects (age) Grade 7-8 ND Clinician type "Suicidologist" "Multidisciplinary employed by community team of experienced agency mental health and educational professionals as well as a Ronald McDonald Children's Charities representative" Control?
Statistics from the WHO on suicide in some South Asian countries seem to support the Dutch suicidologist Deikstra's trend predictions of rise in suicide cases in the developing countries in coming years.
Based on the high correlation between eating disorders and suicide, Magnolia Creek is collaborating with internationally renowned suicidologist Dr.
Francis of Mary Immaculate and a suicidologist who holds a doctorate in law, policy and society from Northeastern University in Boston, founded her first crisis hotline in Florida in 1970.
Scotland's only full-time suicidologist, Dr Betty Maxwell-Carter, said it is vital for parents to communicate with youngsters.
John T Maltsberger, the expert witness for the plaintiffs, is a general psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, suicidologist, and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.
The trainer of these programs is a suicidologist and crisis specialist employed by the Dallas Independent School District.
Consider the views of Herbert Hendin, a professor of psychiatry and a leading suicidologist, who is opposed to the legalization of doctor-assisted suicide.