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v. sued, su·ing, sues
1. Law To initiate or pursue legal proceedings against (another party).
2. Archaic To court; woo.
3. Obsolete To make a petition to; appeal to; beseech.
1. Law To initiate or pursue legal proceedings; bring suit.
2. To make an appeal or entreaty: "When you have gone too far to recede, do not sue to me for leniency" (Charles Dickens).
3. Archaic To pursue a courtship; woo.

[Middle English sewen, from Anglo-Norman suer, from Vulgar Latin *sequere, to follow, from Latin sequī; see sekw- in Indo-European roots.]

su′er n.
References in classic literature ?
At the same time, knowing that, in addition, your frivolous stepfather has squandered money which is exclusively yours, I have decided to absolve him from a certain moiety of the mortgages on his property, in order that you may be in a position to recover of him what you have lost, by suing him in legal fashion.
SUING your bosses for pounds 1 million because your office chair makes farting noises might seem like a lawsuit too far to some people.
It's too early to know whether we will reach a reasonable agreement without suing.
"An incoming tenant suing an outgoing tenant for liability for hold over is a very new concept.
Daniel Shea, a Texas attorney who is suing Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican alleging that the church covered up the sexual abuse of children, said he may be forced to challenge the Holy See's diplomatic status as the lawsuit progresses.
Fairey practices in Charleston, S.C., a city with an aggressive cadre of trial lawyers, including one firm that earned $2 billion suing tobacco companies and now sues doctors for malpractice.
The parent, Michaela Curtis, of Demopolis, Ala., says she was prevented from suing because of the state's immunity law.