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n. pl. sul·ci (-kī, -sī)
1. A deep, narrow furrow or groove, as in an organ or tissue.
2. Any of the narrow fissures separating adjacent convolutions of the brain.


sul′cal adj.


of or pertaining to a sulcus
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In 2015 details of the sulcal morphology, gained from a Brazilian strain, completed the species description (Nascimento et al., 2015).
Haemorrhage may develop (5-30%) which can intra-parenchymal or sulcal subarachnoid in location.
Cerebral oedema may be evident, with sparkly echo reflectance of the parenchyma, obscuration of the sulcal markings and closure of the fissures.
Neuroimaging in the acute phase characteristically shows unilateral panhemispheric sulcal effacement with slight grey-white de-differentiation on T1 images which may spare the deep nuclei.6 There is associated diffuse cortical hyperintensity on DWI with signal loss on ADC map and slightly increased signal on T2/ FLAIR, indicating diffusion restriction consistent with cytotoxic oedema.6,7 The affected areas are independent of vascular territories.7
(2,3) The CT scans of the head can be normal or show diffuse white matter changes, sulcal effacement and/or focal hypodensities consistent with infarctions.
Las arterias vertebrales hacen una curva aguda postero-medial alrededor de la capsula articular occipital-C1 que recorre el aspecto superior del arco posterior C1, que forma una ranura sulcal, antes de que las arterias entren en la duramadre (7).
The same area showed hypoattenuation on the T1W images with minimal pial surface enhancement (d, e) and increased signal with sulcal effacement on FLAIR images (arrow in (f)).
Narr et al., "Relationships between sulcal asymmetries and corpus callosum size: Gender and handedness effects," Cerebral Cortex, vol.
The ventricular size was further increased and ventriculomegaly was out of proportion to sulcal enlargement.
On pelvic examination, the uterus was well contracted, bleeding superior to her cervix was minimal, and second degree bilateral vaginal sulcal lacerations were identified.