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a. sulciforme, en forma de surco.
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Carapace moderately high, sloping gently posteriorly; eye field large with eyes set on tubercles; fovea long, sulciform. Carapace brown, eye field lighter due to presence of translucent guanine crystals; eyes surrounded by black rings, except for anterior medians; anterior eyes encircled by small blackish scales, white hairs on slopes, long brown bristles near eyes.
7-11), but can be distinguished from the latter by the narrow sulciform interior branch of DTA, the slightly bifurcated embolus, the prolaterally outstanding median part of median apophysis, the blunt tegulum of male palp; the wide median lobe of epigynum, the small epigynal teeth, the epigynal hood far away from the epigynal teeth and the slightly peaked spermathecae anteriorly.
Fovea long, sulciform. Clypeus low and brown, with some whitish hairs.