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n. pl. sul·ci (-kī, -sī)
1. A deep, narrow furrow or groove, as in an organ or tissue.
2. Any of the narrow fissures separating adjacent convolutions of the brain.


sul′cal adj.


n, pl -ci (-saɪ)
1. a linear groove, furrow, or slight depression
2. (Anatomy) any of the narrow grooves on the surface of the brain that mark the cerebral convolutions. Compare fissure
[C17: from Latin]


(ˈsʌl kəs)

n., pl. -ci (-sī).
Anat. a groove or fissure, esp. a fissure between two convolutions of the brain.
[1655–65; Latin: furrow]
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Noun1.sulcus - (anatomy) any of the narrow grooves in an organ or tissue especially those that mark the convolutions on the surface of the brain
fissure - (anatomy) a long narrow slit or groove that divides an organ into lobes
central sulcus, fissure of Rolando, Rolando's fissure, sulcus centralis - a brain fissure extending upward on the lateral surface of both hemispheres; separates the frontal and parietal lobes
fissure of Sylvius, lateral cerebral sulcus, sulcus lateralis cerebri, Sylvian fissure - the deepest and most prominent of the cortical fissures; separates the frontal lobes and temporal lobes in both hemispheres
parieto-occipital fissure, parieto-occipital sulcus - a sulcus near the posterior end of each hemisphere that separates the parietal lobes and the occipital lobes in both hemispheres
calcarine fissure, calcarine sulcus - a sulcus in the mesial surface of the occipital lobe of the cerebrum
anatomy, general anatomy - the branch of morphology that deals with the structure of animals
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Osteochondral depression of lateral femoral condyle in sulcus terminalis where a junction between the weight bearing tibial articular surface and the articular patellar surface of the femoral condyle, can be called "deep sulcus terminalis sign" (18).
SA node lies at the antero-lateral region of the junction of superior vena cava and sinus intercavarum with both right atrium and auricle near the upper end of sulcus terminalis. Its anterior margin being a few mm posterior to the crest formed by the junction of the anterior margin of right atrial appendage with superior venacava; and is often in the epicardial fat just below and to the right of the summit of right atrium.
(1) Lingual thyroid is known to present as an asymptomatic, smooth-surfaced lump in the midline of the posterior one-third of the tongue between the sulcus terminalis and the epiglottis.