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A salt or ester of sulfonic acid.
tr.v. sul·fo·nat·ed, sul·fo·nat·ing, sul·fo·nates
1. To introduce into (an organic compound) one or more sulfonic acid groups.
2. To treat with sulfonic acid.

sul′fo·na′tion n.


(Chemistry) the US preferred spelling of sulphonation
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Its proprietary core technologies involve alkylation, sulfonation, sulfation and a number of other specialty operations, including the production of biocidal quats, tertiary amine derivatives, polymers and organometallic fuel additives.
Pilot began through innovation with ice-cold sulfonation, and we continue to challenge ourselves by thoroughly focusing on the future and the changing needs of the marketplace.
Morrisroe began the company with his patent for a process called ice-cold sulfonation, which resulted in higher quality products.
Poly(styrene-b-isobutylene-b-styrene) (SIBS) is a tri-block thermoplastic elastomer which, after the sulfonation of styrene, self-assembles into a three-phase nanostructured morphology with a highly ordered sequence of ionic and non-ionic blocks in the solid state [16-18].
Triclosan can inhibit sulfonation and glucuronidation of BPA in human liver fractions (Wang et al.
glucuronidation, sulfonation, glutathionylation, and amino acid
22 July 2016 - A Brazil subsidiary of US-based chemical maker company Stepan Company (NYSE: SCL) has reached an agreement with Brazil-based personal care and cosmetics company Tebras Tensoativos do Brazil Ltda (Tebras) to acquire its commercial business and with Brazil-based industrial and organic chemical products maker PBC Industria Quimica Ltda to acquire its sulfonation production facility, the company said.
The synthesis of H acid was followed by sulfonation, nitration, reduction and alkali fusion.
To get experimental asphalt particles, the asphalt is further prepared by oxidization, sulfonation, and cooling grind.
11-16,18,19-21) Therefore, the addition of functionalized polymers such as sulfonated polystyrene with a sulfonation level of 0.
NATs to HPeV types 1, 3, and 6 in intravenous immunoglobulin preparations commercially available in Japan * Preparation Country Year IVIG treatment ([dagger]) obtained Batch 1 Japan 2010, 2011 PEG Batch 2 Japan 2010 Freeze-dried PEG Batch 3-1 Japan 2011 Sulfonation Batch 3-2 Japan 2011,2012 Sulfonation Batch 4 United States 2012 Ion-exchange resin Batch 5 Germany 2012 pH4 Preparation NATs HPeV1 HPeV3 HPeV6 Batch 1 1:1,024 1:512 1:2,048 Batch 2 1:1,024 1:512 1:1,024 Batch 3-1 1:1,024 1:512 1:2,048 Batch 3-2 1:1,024 1:1,024 1:2,048 Batch 4 1:1,024 1:512 1:2,048 Batch 5 1:2,048 1:512 1:2,048 * HPeV1, human parechovirus type 1; IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin; NATs, neutralizing antibody titers; PEG, polyethylene glycol.