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Any of various organic sulfur compounds having a sulfonyl group attached to two carbon atoms.


(Elements & Compounds) the US preferred spelling of sulphone


(ˈsʌl foʊn)

any of a class of organic compounds containing the bivalent group SO2, united with two hydrocarbon groups.
[1870–75; < German Sulfon; see sulfur, -one]
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We propose a model to explain the behavior of deformation of sulfone polymers.
is expected to expand its global production capacity of sulfone polymers in India and the United States to address demand growth from the medical and water treatment industries, the company announced.
Synthetic material such as polysulfone, polyamide, polyether sulfone, polyaryl ether sulfone or polymethyl methacrylate which is as indifferent as possible and minimize interaction with cells and other components of human blood.
Eco-friendly protective coatings based on poly(urethane sulfone amide) dispersions for carbon steel--H.
Thus, Samsung is using any of the following: polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), polycarbonate (PC), polyarylate (PAR), polyether imide (PEI), polyether sulfone (PES), and/or polyimide (PI).
Dapsone (4, 4'-diamino-diphenyl sulfone, DDS) is a sulphone drug.
Similar to the evaluation of the local thermoplastic content in epoxy resin-polyethersulfone blends [12, 26], Raman spectroscopy is exploited to determine the concentration of sulfone groups from diaminodiphenylsulfone (DDS) and PES present in the cured 8552 epoxy resin.
com)-- Industry Experts unveiled the new comprehensive market research report on Sulfone Polymers.
Veradel HC A-301 boasts the highest stiffness of all of Solvay's medical-grade sulfone polymers.
Its stiffness is said to be the highest of all medical-grade sulfone polymers.
Dapsone, an immunomodulatory sulfone that has been supported for use in LABD by case reports and clinical observation, was administered to the patient.
4'4'-Dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid phenyl ester were purchased from ABCR and vacuum dried at 50[degrees]C for 24 h before use.