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A univalent cation containing trivalent sulfur, such as H3S+.


(sʌlˈfəʊnɪəm )
the US preferred spelling of sulphonium


(sʌlˈfoʊ ni əm)

the positively charged group H3S + , its salts, or their substitute products.
[1890–95; sulf (ur) + -onium]
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11) for PPV films converted from the cyclic sulfonium precursor salt.
A wide variety of acids may be photo-chemically generated from these sulfonium salts, including the strongest known organic acid, triflic acid, as well as very strong inorganic acids like hexafluoroantimonic acid.
TsCl was dissolved in Py to yield sulfonium salt and after a certain period (aging time) the solution was treated with DMF for 30 min.
Quaternary ammonium and tertiary sulfonium compounds in higher plants.
Irgacure 270 is a new high-molecular-weight sulfonium salt which fulfills the high standards that UV-curable inks for food packaging are required to meet.
Table 1--Technology Platforms Used in UV Curing Radical Cationic Crosslinking Base-Catalyzed Crosslinking Crosslinking Resins Acrylates, Epoxides, Vinyl Epoxy Maleates, Ethers Polyol/Isocyanate Styrene Michael addition Initiators Aromatic Diaryl Iodonium Salts Latent or blocked Ketones Triaryl Sulfonium amines Salts Nonionic photoacid generators Industries Coatings Electronic Materials, Coatings, Electronic Inks, Adhesives Adhesives Materials, Under Active Inks Development Adhesives
In the first instance, the acidic dialkyl sulfonium ion, Met([CH.
In this context, there is a strong interest in investigating the simultaneous sol-gel and cationic photo-polymerization reactions of a vinyl ether alkoxysilane hybrid precursor through the UV-photolysis of a triaryl sulfonium salt.
Photoinitiators have many forms, including sulfonium and iodonium salts, (1), (2) Type I photoinitiators including acetophenone derivatives, Type II photointiators based on hydrogen abstraction mechanisms such as that between benzophenone and N-methyl-N, N-dieth-anolamine, and a variety of specialized photoinitiators such as those of maleimides and related compounds (3-8) and of thiolene systems.
They contained different types and compositions of diols along with the triaryl sulfonium hexafluoro antiminate.
Cationic photo-polymerization uses photo-initiators such as iodonium and sulfonium salts to produce cross-linked films from epoxy monomers.