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1. Any of various organic compounds that contain a sulfinyl group.
2. A sweet-smelling viscous yellow oil, C18H28O3S, used as a synergistic insecticide.


(Elements & Compounds) the US preferred spelling of sulphoxide


(sʌlˈfɒk saɪd)

any of the organic compounds with the radical SO, as dimethyl sulfoxide.
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Recent studies showed similar results using reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavengers such as SOD, CAT, and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) to counteract mutagenicity, DNA fragmentation, and micronuclei (MN) caused by As (2-4).
The research used mouse leukemia cells that, when treated with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), differentiate into red blood cells.
One second-line option is bladder instillations of dimethyl sulfoxide weekly for 6 weeks, cutting back to once-monthly maintenance therapy if the more intensive regimen is effective.
Request of Proposal for Supply of Chemicals and Fine Chemicals (Total 02 Items) Dimethyl sulfoxide - 06 deuteration degree in 99.
Effect of distilled water, dimethyl sulfoxide, ethyl acetate, acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate on the vasorelaxation induced by clobenzorex in phenylephrine-precontracted rat aortic rings
Capriotti and her colleagues have developed a topical treatment that contains dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) combined with dilute povidone iodine, which is applied to the lid margin of the closed eye.
RISUG is a technique that has been developed in India using a combination of the copolymer styrene/ maleic anhydride (SMA) with the solvent dimethyl sulfoxide.
All measurements were made in duterated chloroform and dimethyl sulfoxide.

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